Thank you YouTube!

Friday , 2, December 2011 Leave a comment

After 2 weeks at home with Mr. Eli, I realized that I had done a lot of research about ‘how’ to have a baby, but had not really prepared for what to do with the baby when you bring him home.  Enter YouTube!

I was given a bunch of cloth diapers.  Many different brands/types and I was not sure how to use them. So, I looked up cloth diapering on YouYube and found many helpful videos.  I found out that what I have are mostly cloth diaper covers that need a ‘prefold’ inside.  By watching this video, I learned many ways to fold the ‘prefold’ and have been successfully using the cloth diapers since.  

I also received a Moby wrap as a gift and even after reading the instructions and looking at the pictures, I couldn’t quite master the newborn hug and hold.  So YouYube to the rescue yet again.  I found the step by step video much more helpful than the pictures.

Who needs to get back in shape after baby?  This Mamma will be getting back on the workout wagon in a few weeks.  And when Eli gains some head/neck control I can use him as additional resistance like this video suggests.

And just because it is super cute, check out this video of my nephew hooping it up 🙂


Any other YouTube videos I need to check out?

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