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Breastfeeding & the lip-tied baby

After we brought my daughter Grace home from the hospital, the adrenaline high of having such an empowering and exciting birth started to wear off and sleep deprivation started to set in. I noticed that breastfeeding was becoming more and more painful with each feeding. I nursed my son Owen for 19 months and while…   [Read the full article]

Bernie Running 1

No. I run, but I am not a runner. A few weeks ago, my fellow CFF blogger Leigh Anne wrote this post about being an active and fit family.  Leigh Anne did such a great job offering ways to stay active and included some really awesome links to local running groups.  Since the weather is getting warmer and it…   [Read the full article]


When we learned that we had gotten orders on the day Cole was born, I started thinking about what I wanted to do while my husband was gone. I certainly needed things to keep me busy and like most new moms, I needed to lose the baby weight and then some. Since my husband left…   [Read the full article]


I’m currently reading Kisses from Katie. Have you heard about this book, and its author, Katie Davis? In a nutshell, Katie moved to Uganda after high school to teach kindergarten for a year, and 4 years later, she’s an adoptive mom to 14 young girls there. The book is at times heartbreaking to read, because…   [Read the full article]

Row of Exercise Bikes

With a few rainy days last week and more rain this week I have been lagging a bit with my workout routine.  Since the warm weather has arrived we have been going to the park to get our walk/run in each day.  Not only do my husband and I get our workout done, but the…   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

It’s archives week here on PSMB!  Here is a previous Weight Loss Wednesday!  I hate losing weight for the third time.  But I love looking back at what both Rachel and I have achieved in the past.  It helps me remember that it really is possible.  I love ALL of our Weight Loss Wednesday posts! …   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hungry! That sums up the past few weeks of my weight loss efforts.  I know you are supposed to take in more calories while nursing, but the past few days I have felt pretty out of control!  I need a plan to curb my hunger, and FAST!! Here is what I plan to do: (If…   [Read the full article]

Blast from my weight loss past: My baby’s doctor told me I should try and supplement when she was 6 months old.  I called my territory manager and said, “Look, I’m struggling with milk supply.  I’m not even going to think about program or goal weight until I’m done nursing.”  (On a side note:  Did…   [Read the full article]


One day, Maggie and I decided to try out a new workout DVD.  The only problem was, we had 3 kids to entertain.  The following pictures tell the story of our Post Pregnancy workout that day.  Even with the distractions, Maggie and I got in a good workout that day! How do YOU get in…   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

This week I will be traveling to Texas.  That means LONG hours in the car and eating on the road.  In the past I looked forward to road trips because I looked forward to the fast food and gas station goodies.  Now, I still look forward to road trips, but my eating habits on the…   [Read the full article]