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Weekend Trip Idea

Now that summer is here, I am sure that many of you have vacations planned. Maybe you are going to the beaches of Florida or East Georgia? Perhaps you are headed to Orlando for a little bit of fun at Disney or Universal? Or you may be headed out of the country for a little…   [Read the full article]

Girlfriend Getaway

My best friend and I have been friends since 7th grade. We have gone through many phases together – adolescence, college (roommates all four years), marriage, motherhood, etc. We have traveled together many times over the years, although the last time we traveled as “just the two of us” was almost 11 years ago. We…   [Read the full article]

Santi collecting sea shells

My family and I recently got back from a weeklong vacation. We went to Miami Beach for 5 days and then drove up to St.Augustine for the last 2 days. It was a wonderful trip but it was also the first time we traveled with a 15 month old; needless to say I learned quite…   [Read the full article]

independent logos

It’s been a hot summer and what better way to cool off than with an afternoon at the pool or beach?  Sounds great, right??  At least until you start packing up all the supplies it will take to survive the trip!  Just like Rachel talked about here, it takes a lot of “stuff” to get…   [Read the full article]

Wendys house

As you are reading this post my family and I will be returning from a visit to see family and friends in Ohio.  Many of you know about the storms that passed through southeastern Ohio and surrounding areas causing severe storm damage and power outages.  Our family and friends were in the effected areas and…   [Read the full article]


While planning for our trip this summer, I researched to find the best sunscreen for the kids.  I like to check the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep Rating to narrow down which sunscreens to buy.  The EWG list changes every year so I check the website every year before I buy sunscreen to make…   [Read the full article]

flying with kids

What do we bring on long plane trips for the kids: Snacks  I feel like I always over-pack snacks.  But I get nervous about being stuck on the runway for hours.  I try to pack mostly healthy snacks but I also pack some sugary treats for emergencies. Fruits (fresh and dried), dry cereal, crackers, trail…   [Read the full article]

NaNa* watching cargo being loaded onto planes

Flying is stressful with or without kids.  Our first child has traveled domestically many times and although it is not always fun, it got easier as she got older.  The most challenging flights are the ones halfway around the world.  We have traveled to Asia twice with one kid and will soon be taking a…   [Read the full article]


So far in our 6.5 year marriage my husband and I have spent very little time apart.  There have been a few 4 or 5 day occasions where I will travel home to Iowa or he will go on a fishing trip, and there was the summer that he interned about 4 hours from home,…   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

This week I will be traveling to Texas.  That means LONG hours in the car and eating on the road.  In the past I looked forward to road trips because I looked forward to the fast food and gas station goodies.  Now, I still look forward to road trips, but my eating habits on the…   [Read the full article]