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School Lunches pic for CFF

It has only been two weeks since school began, yet I am already BORED with making school lunches.  My picky sixth grader absolutely refuses to buy her lunch at school.  To her, buying a school lunch is akin to eating a garbage sandwich topped with warm anchovies.  So…between my daughter and my boys, I make…   [Read the full article]

In the Art of It Studio Local Spotlight

I have always had birthday parties for my children at our home, but decided to try something different this year. My oldest was turning six and wanted to have an art party. Lucky for us, there are several options around town for such a celebration. We ended up having the party at In the Art…   [Read the full article]

CFF pottery Valentines Day Craft pinterest

I was shopping the dollar section of Target the other day and ran across the cutest little clay pots. They are little strawberry planting kits and I thought they would make the perfect valentine for the Goober to give to his classmates at his Mom’s Morning Out program. They turned out so cute I thought…   [Read the full article]

Chrissy Preschool 2

When my husband and I decided that I would stay home with my two girls, I worried that they wouldn’t get enough stimulation.  As a teacher, that was simply unacceptable, so I found myself scouring the internet to find ideas to set up an “at-home preschool” within our home.  I committed to having a different…   [Read the full article]

Bubbles & Brushes

Last week, the Goober and I met up with some friends for a playdate and thought we would try out one of the places that made PSMB’s 25 Summertime Activities List: Bubbles and Brushes in Newnan, Georgia. Bubbles and Brushes is a full service art studio, where they have an “open studio” policy where you…   [Read the full article]

5 Annoying Things Moms Do to Other Moms

It all started when I found out I was pregnant. People started coming out of the woodwork, stopping me in the grocery store, well-meaning family calling me on the phone, all to give me advice on how to take care of my baby, both before and after birth. And I’m not going to lie; it…   [Read the full article]

Aug 12 045e

My kids have been bringing artwork home from school since they were babies.  The baby teachers in our daycare were very crafty and used baby hands and feet to do all sorts of art projects.  We accumulated so much artwork and admittedly, I have thrown a lot of it away.  Over time, I have figured…   [Read the full article]


School has begun and so has all the school-time craziness!  This year I have a first grader and in two weeks my pre-schooler will start his school career.  With two kids in two different schools, I am trying to figure out the best way to be an involved parent for each child.  And, part of…   [Read the full article]


 My preschooler had her Pre-K graduation this past weekend.  It was a very happy day for the most part.  I got teary a few times during the graduation program but never broke down crying like I thought I would.  The teachers put together a wonderful graduation program.  The kids sang a few songs, there was…   [Read the full article]

Wendys kids

As I was checking out local preschools I felt a familiar sadness as the end of an era draws near.  My middle child will be starting preschool in the fall and while I know he will flourish in school, it also means that the precious time I have with all my little ones at home…   [Read the full article]