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Easter is April 20th this year, and it will be here before we know it! I”m hoping if it”s on your radar, you just might find time to incorporate a few of the ideas in this post into Easter/spring traditions for your family! Last year, I shared some of my family”s Easter traditions on this…   [Read the full article]

Kat doctors office

Remember Kat?  She’s’ weighing in on finding the perfect pediatrician!  Enjoy her post below: I have heard that finding the perfect Pediatrician is much like The Dating game, and after my own recent search, I am inclined to believe this. Of course, I have also been through two husbands, while my kids have – until…   [Read the full article]

If you have never walked around Lake Peachtree in Peachtree City, you need to give it a try. Why? well… 1. It is a beautiful walk.  Much of the walk is right alongside Lake Peachtree making it very scenic.  I have seen ducks, geese and even the occasional turtle crossing the trail. 2.  It is…   [Read the full article]

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