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My daughter is really into cooking lately.  On any given day, you can find her watching The Food Network or checking out her favorite YouTube kid foodies.  She is my companion as I get dinner ready or make a dessert.  She is always willing to help in the kitchen…now if we can just get her…   [Read the full article]

life is precious

Today, I read this blog post. Did you read it?  You should.  I’ll wait. As I read the article, I thought to myself “this is so true” and “yup, I do that”.  I complain.  A lot.  Just ask my husband. But you know what?  My kids also complain.  They complain about going to football practice….   [Read the full article]

Bernies kindergartener

  For parents, the first day of kindergarten is as emotional as seeing your baby take his first steps or watching as he makes his first friend.  It’s a milestone in their little lives, and in your life as well. We all have expectations for our children as they enter the elementary school years.  We…   [Read the full article]

10 things

How does the saying go?  As you have more children, you lose more brain cells?  Well, I have been a mom since I was 25 years old and have had four little ones.  How many brain cells do I have left?  Not sure I even have enough to count them! Despite the “loss” of many…   [Read the full article]


After dropping off my oldest daughter at preschool one morning, I glanced in the backseat and saw that my youngest had fallen asleep. I viewed this moment as a small victory because it allowed me to take a break from the same children’s music CD that had been playing on a non-stop rotation for the…   [Read the full article]


Rachel and I thought we might start a pregnancy check-in to keep ya’ll appraised of how we are both holding up with parenting toddlers while pregnant with baby #2. If you have any pregnancy related questions you would like to see us answer, feel free to give us a shout in the comments and we…   [Read the full article]

Say This Not That Pregnancy Edition

This is sort of a follow up to this post, but focuses more what pregnant women do and do not want to have said to them. I know when I was pregnant with the Goober, I had several “Did you really just say that?” moments (and am likely guilty of many myself).  *Pregnancy hormones may…   [Read the full article]


  How did you announce you were pregnant to your husband, family, and friends?   With the Goober, I took the test after my husband had left for work and I was so excited and disbelieving of the results that I drove to Target right after to pick up more pregnancy tests to take and…   [Read the full article]

Bubbles & Brushes

Last week, the Goober and I met up with some friends for a playdate and thought we would try out one of the places that made PSMB’s 25 Summertime Activities List: Bubbles and Brushes in Newnan, Georgia. Bubbles and Brushes is a full service art studio, where they have an “open studio” policy where you…   [Read the full article]


Did he really just say that??  I look over at him and realize that he’s right, he is becoming a big kid, whether I like it or not.  He just turned seven, he’ll be finishing first grade, and he has grown so tall that he is nearly up to my shoulder as he stands beside…   [Read the full article]