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“Hey. What are we doing for dinner?” “I dunno. What do you want for dinner?” “What do we have at the house to eat?” or I get asked “Have you made anything yet? Well, no. I usually hadn’t. And I am not exactly sure why. Most of my days are spent as a mom doing…   [Read the full article]

  Back in January, I posted  some goals we”d like to accomplish for the year. I know the first quarter of the year isn”t quite over, but I”ll go ahead and check in. Progress is in bold type…   Family Take a vacation together! (Tentivally planning a road trip in May and a beach trip in…   [Read the full article]

Happy 2013, everybody! Ah, I feel good any time I get a “do-over.” Not only for Mom”s New Year (beginning of the school year!) but also in the ACTUAL new year. Something about a clean slate leaves me feeling energized! Last year I decided I”d write down some goals for our family-not just resolutions. While…   [Read the full article]

Combine in Wheat Field Western Australia, Australia

I was doing so well. I stared couponing, meal planning and saving money!!! That was until Sunday night. My husband and I were talking Sunday night after my little one had gone to sleep. He was telling me about a film that everyone at his work had watched and recommended, but with caution. He went…   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

Blast from my weight loss past: “I’ve lost 50 pounds.” my friend Alison told me after I complimented her on her appearance when we found each other in our Nutrition class (Ironic?).  I asked her what she thought of Weight Watchers and she said she loved it.  After all, 50 pounds gone?  Wow. Well.  If…   [Read the full article]

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