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Baby Ultrasound

So after  a few years of trying, post miscarriage and a PCOS diagnosis along with wealth of other procedures, I was now pregnant. So why is it that I thought that the uphill climb was over? Well, it was because I never gave the idea that I may not have a “normal” pregnancy a second…   [Read the full article]

Liam 079

Today is my due date!  That date I’m likely to forget in a few years – if it wasn’t written in my sons baby book – because he is almost two weeks old! Every birth story is different, no matter which baby this is for you, a fact that became pretty clear early on for…   [Read the full article]

So – I’m 34 weeks pregnant!  I’m starting to feel concerned about labor, and looking at my unfinished nursery with mild concern.  34 weeks for me is a different sort of milestone in my second pregnancy.  When I hit 33 weeks in my first pregnancy, I was spending the weekend in the hospital, burning up…   [Read the full article]

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