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If you”d love to save a little time, especially now that school has started, investing in some meal planning and pre-preparation may be just the ticket to a few minutes of extra sleep or more time for yourself! A little bit of effort will pay off big-time when family meal preparations are easier and less stressful!…   [Read the full article]


                                  Seeing all the creative Facebook pictures, of children heading “Back to School,” started me thinking about suggestions to make daily preparations easier. Here are a few of the things my children and I tried to do to make…   [Read the full article]


                                      I know most kids, and parents too, would rather not think about doing homework during the summer! Still, summer homework is almost a necessary evil. Many schools require summer reading, projects or papers. Regardless of whether…   [Read the full article]


                                        Be sure to mark your calendar to take advantage of these upcoming FREE family events in our communities!    Explore Fresh Produce, Gourmet Foods at Local Market Days: Meander through our local markets and try something…   [Read the full article]


                                      Are you looking for the perfect “summer read?” Do you dream of getting lost in a book with ocean waves crashing in the background? Whether or not you actually go on vacation, you can always escape…   [Read the full article]


                                        Are any of you living gluten-free? I”d love to hear your advice and suggestions. I”m still adapting. When allergy tests showed I”m allergic to wheat and gluten a couple of years ago, I started weaning…   [Read the full article]


                      There are never enough hours in the day for busy Moms! That”s why I want to share some “shortcut cooking” ideas that just might help you find a few extra moments! When my children were young, a friend and I enjoyed spending an occasional…   [Read the full article]


“A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery—without making it safer.” Hannah Rosin This quote from the article “The Overprotected Kid”, published in The Atlantic, really started me thinking! It seems that kids today are a LOT more “overprotected” than I was and than my own children were. Many of my younger…   [Read the full article]


Easter is April 20th this year, and it will be here before we know it! I”m hoping if it”s on your radar, you just might find time to incorporate a few of the ideas in this post into Easter/spring traditions for your family! Last year, I shared some of my family”s Easter traditions on this…   [Read the full article]

Baby Beluga

  Singing helps you count your blessings, forget your troubles, and enjoy life! I”m confident everyone sings in the car at some point! I am an enthusiastic car-singer, which, in my mind, makes up for any lack of skill! I have my favorite playlists on my iPhone. My car radio is set for Christian, Oldies,…   [Read the full article]