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Baby Beluga

  Singing helps you count your blessings, forget your troubles, and enjoy life! I”m confident everyone sings in the car at some point! I am an enthusiastic car-singer, which, in my mind, makes up for any lack of skill! I have my favorite playlists on my iPhone. My car radio is set for Christian, Oldies,…   [Read the full article]

Britt Washington National 2013-6

Does your family have traditions of taking yearly photos? Most likely, you take photos on major holidays like Christmas, or on milestone days like the first day of school. But do you do it on a regular basis, with thoughts of documenting the yearly changes? With a little effort, if you are consistent, down the…   [Read the full article]


I want to jog your memory! Let”s take a brief break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and holiday preparations, and remember the joys of Christmases past. Ready? What are your all-time favorite Christmas presents? Don”t work too hard at this. JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES FOR A MOMENT, AND THINK BACK! Notice what  pops…   [Read the full article]

Fayette Fabulous Finds

  I have talked time and time again about how I like good deals.  Especially when making big purchases, I like to know I am getting my money’s worth.  Cue- Fayette Fabulous Finds Consignment Furniture.  I found Fayette Fabulous Finds, by chance and I am glad I did.  My first visit to the store was…   [Read the full article]

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