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If you”d love to save a little time, especially now that school has started, investing in some meal planning and pre-preparation may be just the ticket to a few minutes of extra sleep or more time for yourself! A little bit of effort will pay off big-time when family meal preparations are easier and less stressful!…   [Read the full article]

11 Restaurants that reward good report cards

Report Card Incentives Are you trying to decide if you should reward your child for good grades?  I know many of us probably grew up being rewarded for our good grades in school.  Some of may have received monetary gifts for every A or B while others may have gotten that item you have had…   [Read the full article]

Tips for Surviving the CRCT pic

They happen each and every year.  The mere mention of the acronym strikes fear into the hearts of parents and children alike.  And they’re right around the corner. Are you ready for them? They are the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests  (cue the “dun, dun, dun” music) and they begin next week. As scary and nerve-wracking as these standardized tests are,…   [Read the full article]


                      There are never enough hours in the day for busy Moms! That”s why I want to share some “shortcut cooking” ideas that just might help you find a few extra moments! When my children were young, a friend and I enjoyed spending an occasional…   [Read the full article]

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