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Breastfeeding & the lip-tied baby

After we brought my daughter Grace home from the hospital, the adrenaline high of having such an empowering and exciting birth started to wear off and sleep deprivation started to set in. I noticed that breastfeeding was becoming more and more painful with each feeding. I nursed my son Owen for 19 months and while…   [Read the full article]

Heart Defect Week

Have you seen all of the hearts around town?  Everywhere you look, you see them.  At the grocery store, in classrooms, and in restaurants.  Valentine’s Day is almost here and love is in the air. When I was little, Valentine’s Day meant writing out cards to friends in my class, making sure that my crush…   [Read the full article]

Home Sweet Home!!

I thought I would take an opportunity to report on some previous posts.  I know you have been sitting in the edge of your seat waiting to hear what carseat I chose, and if i lost the baby weight by my goal date! So, here goes!   House Hunting— We closed on our first house…   [Read the full article]

Row of Exercise Bikes

With a few rainy days last week and more rain this week I have been lagging a bit with my workout routine.  Since the warm weather has arrived we have been going to the park to get our walk/run in each day.  Not only do my husband and I get our workout done, but the…   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

Say it with me now….5 more pounds! 5 more pounds!  Yes, that is how much I have left to loose to return to my pre-baby weight. (And then just 5 more to get to the weight that I really want to be.)  Wahoo!!  My goal is to get back to pre-baby weight by the time…   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hungry! That sums up the past few weeks of my weight loss efforts.  I know you are supposed to take in more calories while nursing, but the past few days I have felt pretty out of control!  I need a plan to curb my hunger, and FAST!! Here is what I plan to do: (If…   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

So, week one back at it, I lost 2 lbs!  Woohoo!  My only disappointment is that I didn’t reach my activity goal of walking 5 of 7 days.  Granted, it did rain more than 2 days this week, so I could use that as an excuse. I need to ramp it up in the activity…   [Read the full article]

Blast from my weight loss past: I took aerobics classes for three months.  I lost 5 pounds.  In three months.  So after talking to Alison (see Weight Loss Wednesday part 4)  I decided I was going to go join Weight Watchers.  Back then they had a student rate and my mom even offered to pay…   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

“View your life from kindsight instead of hindsight.  Stop beating yourself up about things from the past.  Instead of slapping your forehead and asking, ‘What was I thinking?’…breathe and ask yourself the kinder question: ‘What was I learning?’ -Jean Nidetch Many/most/all(?) of us that have struggled with weight are pretty familiar with the guilt cycle….   [Read the full article]

Weight Loss Wednesday

Blast from my weight loss past: “I’ve lost 50 pounds.” my friend Alison told me after I complimented her on her appearance when we found each other in our Nutrition class (Ironic?).  I asked her what she thought of Weight Watchers and she said she loved it.  After all, 50 pounds gone?  Wow. Well.  If…   [Read the full article]