Surprise! It’s an induction!

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Today is my due date!  That date I’m likely to forget in a few years – if it wasn’t written in my sons baby book – because he is almost two weeks old!

Every birth story is different, no matter which baby this is for you, a fact that became pretty clear early on for me.  For my daughters birth story: visit here.  I had a harder pregnancy (maybe on account of caring for another child),  I had a boy, and I had NO pre-term labor.  (Who hoo!) One thing that did not change for me was my anxiety amount when it came to labor.  I’ve been afraid of labor since I was a young girl.  I thought, having done it once I would be able to adopt a more relaxed attitude about it.  As we passed full term and I started having stop and go contractions – in other words playing the waiting game – as ready as I was to NOT be pregnant I was still freaked out about labor.  In hindsight I wish I could have let it GO.  It was really crowding out any excitement about soon welcoming our baby boy.

My 38 week appointment rolled around the morning of September 28.  My blood pressure had been climbing – already higher then the highest point in my first pregnancy.  I asked my husband to come to the appointment because if it went up again, I was pretty sure we were going to talk induction.   I wasn’t wrong.  In fact, the first words out of her mouth were – “Did you talk about induction with Dr McIntosh last week?”  After a small amount of discussion, and some talk from my Dr about risks, we decided I would be induced – uh – right then.  I cried.  (Remember how I was freaking out about labor?)  My poor husband and doctor.  You know it had to happen sometime right?  AND I was already dilated 3-4 anyway!

I called my sister in law on the way to the hospital, because she has been induced with both of her daughters.   I really was worried about all the “stuff” I’d heard about Pitocin and how being induced was so much more intense.  She was able to put my mind at ease a little bit.  Besides,  I’d been told I could have an epidural as soon as my labs came back 🙂  By 12:30 we’d arranged care for our daughter, arrived at the hospital and I was getting hooked up to all the monitors and an IV.  By 1:30 I was having contractions 5 minutes apart, nothing that I wasn’t able to handle.  Around 2 all my labs had come back and we were just waiting for the anesthesiologist.

My OB came over 2 times in these 2 hours to break my water.  The second time – things were getting more serious – and I said “No. Let’s wait for the epidural.”  I think she was a bit annoyed but I didn’t care much.  The contractions were getting harder to deal with, but I got my epidural at 2:30 and finally got a break.  When my nurse checked me I was already dilated to an 8!  Woo hoo!

The only bummer in my labor was that I had a “hot spot” – an area I could still feel  even after the epidural.  I had a hot spot in my first labor too, a small area on my stomach.  This time…well it was the whole right side of my birth canal (at least that is the best way to describe it), as our baby boy was moving down I had an increase of pressure and pain on that side.  I could certainly feel when it was about time to be pushing. (Ouch!)

We went ahead and started pushing and my OB made her way back over (just in time really).  My water broke as she was “suiting” up and we got busy pushing baby Liam out.  I just remember the sweat beading my forehead – that is some hard work!  I learned later that his umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck.  My OB was very deft at taking care of that!  Liam was born at 3:50pm, 3+ hours after we got there!

All in all, his birth went fabulously well (a lot of wasted worry from me!).  And now we’re home getting acquainted with our precious baby boy!


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