Summer Reading Challenge 2014

Monday , 19, May 2014 1 Comment

Summer Reading Challenge 2014... Set a goal and keep track with Goodreads

So as you might have seen on Facebook last week, school is over for the Goober and our summer reading challenge has begun. Our goal is to read 300 different books by August 20th. The Goober is only 2 and can’t read yet, so this is definitely going to be a family challenge. To keep track of the books we read, I created a “shelf” on Goodreads called Goober Summer Reading 2014 and have begun adding and rating the books we read as we go along. You can follow our progress and get your own reading inspiration here. There is even a phone app that lets you scan the books’ ISBNs and add them to your lists, so it is a snap to keep track.

I’ve written before about my desire to instill a love of books and reading in my children (you can check out that post here) and when I saw an infographic on Pinterest from the Heidi Songs blog about how reading just 30 minutes a day can add up, I was inspired to start my own reading challenge for our family. I hope some of you will do the same and set your own summer reading goals either for yourself or your families, whether it is 10 books or 500 minutes.

So far my husband and I’s favorite books to read to the Goober (and the Squish, de facto) have been the Pigeon series by Mo Willems. We will see if that holds true by the end of this challenge. My library card will definitely be getting a workout this summer. So tell me, what are your favorite children’s books? I’m always on the hunt for new books to read to the kiddos.

Why reading 30 minutes a day matters

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