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Monday , 28, May 2012 6 Comments

I am a woman on a mission this summer. My mission, should I choose to accept it, (and I have) is to make this summer the BEST SUMMER EVER!!

You see, like Chan, my big kid is going to kindergarten in the fall. Also, this is the first summer that we are actually don”t have a million things going on and I can focus on having fun and not, say, being 9 months pregnant, (2010) or last summer, when I was still suffering from a lack of sleep due to nursing and being the mother of a baby who rarely slept through the night.

My plans are simple, and best of all, mostly free. Here”s the rundown:

1) DIY Summer Camp

For the most part, we are doing a homemade summer camp. Basically, we”re doing crafts, reading lots of books on each week”s theme, and playing in the water or local pool whenever and where ever possible. I”ve also seen some good ideas on Pinterest that I”d like to implement, too. Cooking Ivory Soap in the microwave and watching it grow? Sounds like summer fun to me! I”m also taking advantage of the one-on-one time while Little Brother is napping to spend with Big Sister, whether it be reading a chapter book, cooking together, or just hanging out.

2) Getting Friendly with the local library

This is one I”m really excited about because I feel like my oldest one is ready for this. Our local library is having a ton of free activities each week for their summer reading program, as well as having prizes for certain number of hours logged reading. I”m not exactly sure how that works when I”m the one reading, but it”s open to all ages so I”ll probably sign up both kids, especially now that Little Brother will casino online sit still long enough for The Berenstain Bears.  Here is a link to some info about the Peachtree City Summer Reading Program.

3) Cheap movies!

Ah, summer kids movies. It”s a rare event that we pay regular price to take Big Sister to the movies, but we usually go once a week in the summer. Check your local theater, but most around South Atlanta are a standard 10am showing on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. A couple of years ago, they were free, but now most theaters charge $1/movie or a 10 movie for $5 pass. Most of the movies are kids movies that are no more than 2 years old. The best part? You don”t worry about having to shush your kid because the theater is filled with them! A warning, though: Get to the theater a few minutes early to beat the rush.

4) Downtown Field Trips

Last year we went to Centennial Park twice and had a blast both times. So, that is something we will do this year as well. I”d also like to take a family trip to Imagine It! during the free time (second tuesday afternoon of each month), Fernbank, and maybe Legoland. The last two are pricey, though, and if I have to choose just one it will probably be Fernbank.

Our July plans are a bit more organized: swimming lessons, a vacation to Myrtle Beach, and a big birthday party will round out our month in addition to the things I mentioned above. (We have summer birthdays too, and since the kids birthdays are 2 weeks apart, we have one party-for now.) Then we”ll spent the last week or so of summer vacation to ease back into our regular schedule as we prepare to send Big Sister off to kindergarten!

What about you? What are your plans for summer vacation? What have you done in the past to make them memorable?

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  • Wendy says:

    Love the idea of a theme each week with activities to match! Now you’ve got me thinking….. 🙂

  • Chan says:

    Love all the activities at the local library! Thanks for some great ideas.

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  • […] told you this summer that I was going to get friendly with our local library during our DIY Summer Camp.  I modeled my own summer camp from Jessica’s Camp WannaLaffaLotta, which you can find posts […]