Stuck on the side of the road…Now What?

Friday , 22, July 2011 2 Comments

Once Upon A Time….On my way home from my newfavorite consignment shop, Red Door Consignment Company in Tyrone (more about them later!), I got a flat tire!  And that is when the fun started.  Ok, not really.  But it was quite an experience.  For starters, my husband was fishing 2 hours away with no cell phone coverage.  So, who do you call when your #1 go to guy is not available?  Your Mom of course 🙂  Yes, I called my Mom…after I was stopped in a turning lane, in a safe enough spot that traffic could get around me.  I was surprisingly calm when my mom said ‘I don’t know what to do….I have always had AAA!’ (also keep in mind that my parents live almost 1.000 miles from here, so its not like they could jump in the car and come rescue me.) Her comment reminded me though, that we have roadside assistance through our auto insurance.  So…shuffle through the glove box to find an insurance card.  Just then a good Samaritan pulled over to see if I needed help.  It didn’t take long, although I did stage a pretty good scene. Picture this….seriously pregnant woman, trunk open, hazard lights flashing…someone was bound to stop and help me.  So, he did.  The gentleman agreed to change my tire and all seemed to be going well when we noticed something.  A pool of oil was oozing out from under my car.  We realized that even when he got the tire changed, I probably shouldn’t be driving anywhere.  So, I called my insurance company that got me hooked up with Angie who assured me that I tow truck would be there in 45 minutes.  The gentleman stayed with me until the tow truck came.  Half an hour ride home in a tow truck, poor busted car safely in the garage, end of story.  Except for the thought process that followed.

I was lucky for a number of reasons:

1. There was a safe place to pull off the main road.  If you have driven in the south at all, you know that sometimes the very narrow, windy, two lane roads seem to go on forever.

2.  It was actually a mild day, meaning it was only 85-90 degrees instead of the upper 90’s we have seen in recent weeks. There were also shade trees not too far from the road where I waited for the tow truck.

3.  I was in, did not have a baby with me yet.  3 months from now, I could have been stranded with a newborn. That would have made the situation much more stressful!

4.  I had a full bottle of ice water with me in the car.  I almost always take a bottle of water with me when I leave the house.  This time I just happened to fill the bottle with ice first.

So Ladies….learn from my experience and ask yourself a few questions. Who would you call if your husband or other #1 go to person was unreachable?  Do you have any sort of roadside assistance…and more importantly, do you know how to reach them? If not, do you know how to get ahold of a towing company?  Would you be prepared to spend 2+ hours on the side of the road waiting for help (in the heat, rain, snow, etc.)?  Although I hope it doesn’t happen again any time soon, I will be prepared to take care of myself if it does!

I am happy to report that the baby and I will not be driving around in a clunker with a massive oil leak.  This incident kicked us into gear and we now have a new(er), more reliable (we hope) vehicle in which to transport the new bundle.

The End 😉

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  • When I saw the link on Facebook, I assumed you were talking about a flat bicycle tire. That I can handle, but a car, not so much 😉 Having a bottle of water along is ALWAYS a good idea. Glad everything turned out okay!

  • Rachel says:

    Oh yes, A flat bicycle tire would have been a little less stressful! Although, I have not kept up my cycling during pregnancy as well as you did! I am very impressed. Love the pics from this post: . That is dedication!

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