Sochi 2014 for Kids

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The excitement of the Winter Olympics begins again! From February 7 to February 23, the world will be watching the awe-inspiring world class athletes strive to bring the gold home for their respective countries.  This year Sochi in Russia will play host to the XXII Winter Olympic Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Olympic Games.  Get your little ones excited for the grand event by bringing out their inner Olympian.

Sochi for kids


Opening Ceremonies Party February 7

Consider inviting your children’s friends and family over to watch the opening ceremonies together on Friday, February 7th.  You can serve an assortment of American foods or venture out and serve international dishes.  If you want to focus on Russia, the host city, here are a few fun dishes.

Russian Apple Pie

Russian Black Bread

Kartoshnik with Cheese and Onions, a potato and cheese dish

Sirniki, Russian Cheese Pancakes

Cheese Blintzes, like crepes


Lace Up and Ice Skate

There are a few ice skating rinks open during the Olympics.  Some are only open for a limited amount of time so if this interest you, act quickly.  Take it from me, the girl that would have liked to be Dorothy Hamill, you can do this!  Our recent trip to Atlantic Station to ice skate is a testament that even a 40 plus year old female that has never been on the ice before can take a few laps around the rink and I am happy to say….I never fell!

(Please call ahead and check website to confirm before heading out!)


Atlantic Station  

Atlanta, GA

From now until February 14

$13.00 for adults, includes skates
$10.00 for children under five, seniors (65 and older), and people with a valid military or student ID


Park Tavern

Atlanta, GA

From now until February 17

$15.00 per person to skate all day, includes skates


Family Movie Night

Have a family movie night and watch some kid-friendly movies such as Cool Runnings, a movie about the first Jamaican bobsledding team, or Miracle, a movie about the 1980 American Olympic Hockey team.



I have created a Pinterest board with many engaging activities that you can your family/child/children can enjoy.  The activities range from educational to just plain fun!  Whatever you do, take time to celebrate this global event by involving your child.  I have fond memories from my youth watching the games with my family and wishing more than anything I could be the next Dorothy Hamill.  Who knows? Perhaps your child will be an Olympian gold medal winner years from now!



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