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Friday , 7, December 2012 3 Comments

Our first Shop Local Post comes from Maddie of Madlyn Marie Jewelry.  Maddie uses interesting supplies to make beautiful jewelry and, this time of year, Christmas ornaments.   You might remember the pendant that Maddie donated as a giveaway for Moms Night Out– Thanks Maddie!  Take a look, and read more about her excellent creations below.  I am sure someone on your Christmas list would LOVE to have a pendant from Madlyn Marie jewelry in their stocking this year!


When I was a little girl, I had a Great Aunt who I adored, Aunt Linda. She was a little bit quirky, very creative, and always had a special place in her heart for me. As I grew older, I learned that she created some of the wire wrapped sea-glass that she wore. Tragically, my Aunt Linda passed away when I was just 13 years old, but I wanted to keep creating pieces like I had seen her do. I started by wrapping shells from our family vacations, and gradually grew to know the craft. When I was 16, I was fortunate to stumble across glass in a river in West Virginia. The glass, After being tumbled by the river, looked just like the sea-glass that my Aunt Linda would use! I collected bags of glass from the river, and it is still my primary source of glass to this day. Recently, a good friend of mine collected glass from the southern coast of France and Italy. The pieces are smaller, but they are in such a wide variety of colors (none of which I have had before) that the glass really adds a special element to each piece. Madlyn Marie Jewelry kick started as a business around this time last year, when I participated in the Holy Trinity Holiday Bazaar. Since then, I have shared my craft at several shows around Peachtree City, most recently at the PTC Artisans Market (held in tandem with the Farmers Market), and Our Lady of Mercy’s Craft Show.

As you can imagine, having three beautiful children, Aiden – 4 yrs, Olivia – 2 yrs, and Anna – 8 months, makes finding time alone difficult. I work with sterling silver wire, small pieces of glass, and sharp cutting tools, all of which are not kid-friendly. No matter how cute it is that Olivia tries to help, uncoiling 30 meters of sterling silver is NOT helpful to Mommy! With all of that said, most of my designing takes place after the kids are asleep for the night. My husband, Andrew even likes to help out sometimes, telling me what pieces of glass he thinks would look together, or what accent bead to use. Having an opinion other than my own is often helpful, and there are times when “Andrew’s pieces” have sold quickly, even though they were not a combination I would usually use.

I love making the pendants! All of the glass was naturally tumbled in the river, so each piece is innately unique. I love the challenge of wrapping the wire to highlight the organic curves of the glass. There are so many untried combinations; the opportunities are limitless. Around the holidays, angel ornaments are definitely a big seller. With my natural glass supply running low, I had to get creative with the angels this year, and have made them out of recycled wine bottles. They make great hostess gifts and Christmas presents, and are extraordinarily charming.


Maddie has graciously donated one of her angel Christmas tree ornaments for one of our lucky readers!  Enter below.  Giveaway ends Wednesday, December 12 at midnight.

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    Beautiful pieces- thanks for sharing your talent!

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    I love supporting the local independent shops.

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