Shifting Gears for Buying Kids Clothes

Tuesday , 5, June 2012 3 Comments


I”ve recently entered a new phase of parenting.

It”s called “letting your kid shop for their own clothes.”

I”m not saying I send my (almost) 5 year old to the mall by herself, but lately I have been letting her have a say in what I purchase. And you know what? It”s win-win. But let me explain how we got here.

When my daughter (and son, for that matter) was born, we were blessed with a TON of hand me downs. Then, when she was almost 2, I started buying clothing at the end of season because it was cheaper to do than then even buy clothes at consignment sales, although I still frequented those too. I “bought ahead” for 3 years, and it was a system that worked well. I still do it for my son.

However, that totally backfired this summer. Last fall online casino canada I bought her clothing for this summer in a certain size and guess what? She is growing like a weed and all the shorts I”ve bought her have been relegated for the pajama drawer because they are too short! The shirts? She likes a couple, but the rest aren”t her style. (We won”t even go into what I call “Four Year Fashion.” An example of Four Year Fashion is wearing a red shirt, navy blue shorts, and black light up fake ugg boots. But I digress.)

So, we”ve had to go shorts shopping a few times. So far I”ve only shopped at consignment stores & thrift stores, let her try things on (and prance and dance in the mirror), and let her have a say-after all, she”s the one wearing them! It”s a win-win because she gets to pick them out “all by herself” and I”m not wasting money on clothes she won”t wear. And of course, I only let her try things on that I”d be ok with her wearing- nothing too grown up. (I have noticed that a lot of little girls clothing is so “grown up,” but that”s another post for another day!)

With all this in mind, as summer ends, I”ve already picked out a date for “back to school shopping.” I”m secretly hoping it will be a day of mommy-daughter fun, and maybe something that will become a tradition. I”m hoping that Five Year Fashion matches a little better- and my secret weapon there is lots of khaki & demin bottoms. They match everything!

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  • Chan says:

    Great idea. I’ll have to do this my 5-year-old too before school start. She would be happy wearing dresses everyday and I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of money on everything else.

  • Norma Fay says:

    My kids have been picking out their own clothes too. They have a lot of opinions about what they want to wear. We just finished shopping for our summer clothes at Burlington. They had great prices and the girls found outfits that they loved. They had the same designers and styles that we had seen in the department stores, but at lower prices.

  • Jamie says:

    The “rule,” when my daughter was little, was that she could pick out her own outfits, unless it was for an important occasion, like church or a “dress up” social event, then I picked. It was, initially, a little stressful for me when my daughter chose non-matching outfits like you describe. However, I soon realized that what bothered me most was my concern that people would think I was a bad mother because my daughter looked as if she was being neglected! I KNEW that was not the case, and “got over it.” (I will admit to *proudly* announcing to others, at every opportunity, that my daughter had chosen her own outfit, to absolve myself of responsibility!) Choosing her own outfits and accessories helped develop my daughter’s confidence in her ability to define her own sense of style, which continues to this day! The funny thing is, now, we often like very similar styles, and occasionally, we even buy matching outfits, just like when she was little! (I have always been big on “matching” outfits for family photos, especially on holidays! LOL!)