Share Your Favorite Christmas Presents and Memories!

Tuesday , 11, December 2012 1 Comment

I want to jog your memory! Let”s take a brief break from the hustle and bustle of daily life and holiday preparations, and remember the joys of Christmases past.


What are your all-time favorite Christmas presents? Don”t work too hard at this. JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES FOR A MOMENT, AND THINK BACK! Notice what  pops into your mind.

Four gifts that sprung to mind for me are my: Shirley Temple Storybook, solar powered am transistor radio, sewing machine, and “hope chest.”

I”ve always loved to read, and books are favored gifts! In my childhood, all books were welcomed: comic books, blank journals, Nancy Drew Mysteries, and my favorite Shirley Temple”s  Storybook. In my opinion,”The Land of Green Ginger” is the best story in the book. My grandmother gave me the storybook when I was five and I can remember reading the stories all by myself.  (Affiliate Link for purchasing Shirley Temples Storybook.)

Having a solar radio at the age of 11, which was a very cutting edge technology, was awesome! The am radio measured about 6X6X2 inches and had a black leather carrying case with shoulder strap. As you can see there was a fold out solar panel on top. When you positioned it toward the sun, the radio played without batteries! I was so excited to find this photo of my beloved radio, sans the black leather case, on

I received the hope chest as my 14th “COMBINATION Birthday and Christmas present.” “Combined gifts” were the curse of having a December birthday!  I”d read about all hope chests in novels and decided that was what I wanted for Christmas.

For every special occasion thereafter, I requested that my friends and family select gifts for my trousseau. When I married ten years later, my hope chest was more than full! I still use my Lane cedar-lined Danish Modern walnut chest as a seat at the foot of the bed.

My parent”s big surprise gift to me, my sophomore year of college, was a used sewing machine! Daddy got a good deal on a repossessed sewing machine and a set of pots and pans. I got both as another “combined birthday and Christmas present!” I started doing machine quilting, and used the sewing machine till it died about 25 years later.

Now that you”ve online casino remembered your favorite gifts, what are your favorite Christmas memories? AGAIN, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND THINK BACK!

My favorite memories seem to blend together, They are centered around gathering as a family: eating, going to Christmas Eve church services, and opening gifts Christmas morning. In replaying those scenes in my mind, I”m struck by the fact that my favorite mental images include a number of friends and family members who are no longer alive.

That thought reminds me of a wonderful Christmas movie I saw for the first time last night. The Heart of Christmas is based on the true story of a terminally ill child battling leukemia. The movie is a tear jerker, but its message to cherish every moment of every day with your family and friends is uplifting and inspiring.

Knowing that change is inevitable makes me want to be more intentional about cherishing every moment of this Christmas season. For that matter, that is how I want to live all year!

Let”s resolve to stress less and enjoy more this year! LET”S FIND WAYS TO MAKE OUR CHRISTMAS PREPARATIONS FUN! (For a few more Christmas traditions to add to your fun, check out my Blog Post.)


What are your favorite gifts and memories? What puts you in the Christmas spirit? Please share in the comments!



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One Comment
  • Rachel says:

    I love this post. It really made me think of the gifts and traditions that I love the most!. One of my favorite Christmas presents was a guitar. I am not a great guitar player now, but i LOVED that guitar when I got it. I played it for hours on end the first week I had it. I have a great picture of me on Christmas morning with my great present.

    Another one of my favorite presents was many years later. My dad got me Guitar Hero…the video game where you pretend to play the guitar. I was SO excited. I had joked with my husband about how I wanted it for Christmas, so he surprised me by telling my dad to get it for me.

    Sometimes the best presents are smaller though, which is why I like the tradition of Christmas Stockings. I love the trinkets that we all get each other. Nail polish, socks, a roll of quarters, lottery tickets, and an orange are all things that I could count on finding in my stocking on Christmas morning.

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