Selective Mutism: An update

Tuesday , 20, November 2012 2 Comments

If you haven”t read the first part of Big Sister”s story, go here.


Exactly 8 months ago, I candidly shared our experience with selective mutism. I wasn”t sure what the future held, except that autumn would bring brand new changes in the way of going to school all day.

Before I go any further, I”d like to state to anyone out there reading this that I know we are lucky. I know that the road most people travel with selective mutism can be a difficult, slow moving journey, and I don”t share any of this to brag or boast. There are things that are still difficult for my child, but in the grand scheme of things, we”ll take it.


Big Sister is doing spectacular in kindergarten. Her teacher is very supportive. She still has trouble opening up to her teachers and classmates, but she talks to some friends on the bus and to the neighbors across the street. She answers adults as needed-most of the time-although there are only a select few she online casino will actually converse with beyond just answering questions.

So, where do we go from here? I”m not exactly sure. We”ve used a no-pressure approach so far and that has worked well for us, so we will continue to just take things day by day and celebrate the milestones as they come. I”ve embraced the fact that Sister-with or without the label of selective mutism-is an introverted kid, even though she doesn”t always act like it. Embracing that has made a ton of difference in the way I relate to her, for the positive. Do I wish sometimes she”d break through that wall and let all the words come out? Of couse I do. I still feel like she will, on her own time.

So, that”s where we are!



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  • Emily says:

    Glad to hear she is having a successful school year. Has her teacher had experience with other students with selective mutism?