Security Blanket

Wednesday , 27, June 2012 Leave a comment

Does your child have a security blanket?  Or a ‘lovey’ they can’t go to sleep without?  I had one, and so did my younger brother.  We each had blankets.  I still have mind actually.  It used to be a beautiful yellow quilt with lace around the edge.  But I loved on it  soooo much over the years that it is now a greyish-somewhat transparent ugly thing that only a mother could love.

My sisters kids each had a ‘lovey’.  Her oldest son chose a stuffed humpty-dumpty as his, and her younger son loved the fringe on blankets so much that she eventually made him a ball of fringe he decided to call his ‘boo-boo’.  Even at 12, her oldest still has Humpty readily available.  I know this because he let Eli borrow it last weekend when he was crying.  So cute!

So far, Eli likes his Pacifier (which I will admit is more for me than for him), but he does find comfort in it in the middle of the night.  He also likes different textures and having a blanket to fiddle with while falling asleep.  So I made him a ‘lovey’.  We’ll see if it ends up being something that he likes, but I am pretty proud of my creation.  It is just a small blanky made from a prefold cloth diaper with ribbon tags sewn around the edges.  Simple but cute, and just might be something he keeps until he is 12!


Does your child have a security blanket?

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