School Year Goals

Tuesday , 7, August 2012 1 Comment

Wow! Where did the summer go? Some of your kids have already started school for this year, and some of you start in the next week or so.

Last year in the mommy-blog-dom I kept seeing the phrase “Mom”s New Year” when referring to the beginning of school.. I”d never heard it put quite that way, but it does make sense: yet another marking of time where you get a blank slate from the last (school) year and you get to reset your family”s priorities. While I was looking forward to our mega fun summer, I”m also finally excited for this new chapter in our lives- having a school aged kid!

Quick side note: We didn”t do everything on my grand summer plan the past few months. We did read over 100 books and participated in the Summer Reading Program, and our July went as scheduled, which is to say that it was 3 weeks of straight insanity followed by a very lazy week at the beach followed by a somewhat low key double birthday party for our kids. But the field trips, science projects, and crafts were ditched for lots of playing with neighborhood kids, swimming at the pool, and taking double the amount of time it would take me by myself to bake cookies or pancakes, and instead letting the casino online kids help. It was just as summertime should be.

But back to what I was saying. Big Sister starts kindergarten this year, and so here are a few things I plan on implementing this school year.

1) Getting as ready as possible the night before

Big Sister was in a half day preschool for 3 years, from 9am-12pm. Although she was often up in plenty of time, I can assure you she was never up at 6:15-which is what time she”ll have to be up to catch the school bus by 7:15! We may realize we don”t need quite an hour to get ready, but I”d rather side on the err of caution. This is a kid who can spend 20 minutes dancing and prancing in front of the mirror when she”s supposed to be brushing her teeth. So that we aren”t running around like crazy people before the sun comes up, I”m going to let her pick out her clothes and help me make her lunch the night before.

2) Setting up a solid afternoon routine

I”ve done a lot of asking around on this one this summer. Some parents let their kids unwind after school, then do homework, and some go ahead and knock the homework out of the way. I”m going to start off the school year letting Big Sister start off her afternoon with a snack, and then go ahead and get the schoolwork done. I”m sure we”ve all read about how kids aren”t getting enough free play time these days, so I want her to have the rest of the afternoon until dinner time to be able to unwind and play with her neighborhood friends.

3) Family Exercise

We were walking and riding a lot this spring. But of course that was nixed this summer. Too hot!  I”d like to get back into the habit of that after dinnertime. Maybe now that Little Brother is 2, he can walk (or run, since he”s usually on one speed) some of the time instead of just riding in the stroller.

4) Setting a good foundation for the years to come

I hope Big Sister always has the enthusiasm for learning that she has now. My husband and I plan on being as involved as possible (without being helicopter parents) with both our kids education and with this being the first year, it”s a good time to get some good habits going that will stick around for the years to come. Corny, but true!

What about you? Do you have a certain goal or routine you”d like to implement for this school year?

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