Scheduling – Newborn Edition

Saturday , 23, July 2011 2 Comments

How do you get a baby to sleep through the night??

I guess I was an “on demand” parent the first time around.  I knew newborns don’t sleep long stretches.  I knew I’d spend a lot of time feeding and changing diapers between small bouts of sleep.  I knew eventually my child would sleep for longer stretches…. right?  I didn’t think much about HOW it would happen to be honest.   Doesn’t their food just stick with them longer or something? The only video I ever watched was Happiest Baby on the Block.  Which was interesting and we learned some things, but not about scheduling.  Really, I never applied myself to figuring it out.

Eventually my daughter did put herself on a daytime schedule.  Night-time was a different story.  She was up 3 times a night until about 6 months old and once a night until a year.   I’m a cranky tired lady.  But we did okay.  I did buy a couple books about sleeping better Like Good Night Sleep Tight from the Sleep Lady.  I didn’t read much of it.

Now I am gearing up for child #2 arrival.  Having a preschooler that doesn’t nap and a newborn that sleeps badly doesn’t sound like much fun to me.  In my newest organization book there is a schedule for a baby.  It is basically a two hours on – two hours off thing.  Up for two hours, asleep for two hours, feeding each time, starting at 6am.  And I’m thinking – maybe this is worth a shot.   Not too long after that I’m seeing recommendations for books like Babywise and The Baby Whisperer from friends on Facebook.  So do I go with my one page recommendation?  Do I delve into The Baby Whisperer?

Did you try and put your baby on a schedule in the first two months?  How did it go? What are your best tips?

*And yes, I may have purchased Babywise today.  I’ll try to at least skim it – unless you can convince me otherwise.

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  • Lauren says:

    I tend to lean toward the argument of newborns don’t need to be on a schedule. All babies are different and we can’t expect all babies to only be hungry every 3 hours and always sleep every 1.5 hours for 1.5 hours each time. I think waiting til your baby naturally falls into a schedule is natural and preferable. For me, Kyler started sleeping through the night on his own at 11 weeks. But that meant that I was breastfeeding him every 2 hours during the day, so he was stocking up for the night! I’m also pregnant with #2, so I’ll be trying to figure out how to get sleep with a newborn all over again! Let me know what ends up working for you!

    • Maggie says:

      Thanks for the comment Lauren – if anything, made me feel a little better about what I tried to do with my firstborn 😉 I would like nighttime sleep to go a little better though! I’m sure I’ll be following up with this in 4 months or so! Congratulations on your #2!

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