Scavenger Hunt!

Thursday , 25, July 2013 1 Comment

Recently we’ve spent some time visiting family and one of our favorite things to do while visiting is to take walks.  The kids love walking out the country road, and I love that they are enjoying the outdoors and burning off some of their extra energy!

As we were walking the other day I noticed how much time the kids spent stopping and picking up rocks, sticks, flowers, bugs, etc. and thought they would enjoy doing a scavenger hunt.  I checked out Google and found soooooo many different ideas for scavenger hunts that it took a while to find a couple of hunts that would work well for a 4, 5 and 7 year old.

I knew that doing a photo scavenger hunt would be a hit with the kids (I’ve included some of the photos they took) since they love to take pictures of all kinds of things.  An indoor hunt was also at the top of my list so we could fight off the boredom of a rainy day.  And this site has a scavenger hunt idea for just about every occasion you can think of!

When we set out I put the 7 year old in charge of reading the list (so he got some extra reading practice!), the 5 year old was in charge of holding my phone and the 4 year old brought a bag to collect any goodies we might take back with us.  The kids had a blast looking for the items on their list and enjoyed sharing the pictures they took and the goodies they collected when we returned.

 Do you have a favorite scavenger hunt to do with your kids?

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  • ellen casper says:

    What a great idea and can work for all ages!

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