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Anyone who has been around Little Brother for more than, oh, 5 seconds knows that he has a bit of a mischievous streak in him. He climbs, he jumps, he yells (all the time), he’s a horror to deal with at bedtime, he pushes buttons I didn’t know I had….don’t get me wrong, he’s one of the sweetest little guys I’ve ever met, quick to give a friend a hug, quick to give mom a kiss, and has a belly laugh that, in my opinion, is only second to his sister’s.

All that to say: he’s a wild man! I often joke that I’m surprised we haven’t been frequent visitors to the emergency room. This is a kid who has had skinned knees for at least a month…as soon as one heals up, he falls down again.

A few weeks ago, however, we had to call 911 and have an ambulance visit us for the very first time! I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared in my entire life.

We were at a playdate at a park we’ve been to many times. This particular park has some older equipment, but I certainly won’t say that’s to blame. Little Brother was climbing on one of the smaller playscapes. I can’t even tell you what exactly happened because he was just in the corner of my eye but sure enough, I heard a THUNK and then a WAIL. Running quickly to my little guy, I was shocked to discover there was blood coming out of the back of his head. Um….a lot of blood.

All I know what happened next is someone handed me a diaper to catch the blood. I couldn’t see any gash, but my immediate thought was that it was so big he was going to need stitches. Thankfully Rachel asked if there was anything she could do and I just remember saying, “Call 911!” In the moment, that seemed to be the right decision. Another mom had a big first aid kit and brought me some iodine wipes (side note: add iodine wipes to the grocery list!) During all of this, Brother was screaming, and while I wanted to scream and cry with him, I knew I had to stay calm-not only for his sake but the other little kids who were at the park that day, too. Chan was there, too, and offered to take Big Sister with her if a ER trip was going to become a reality.

The ambulance came SO quickly-it could not have been more than 5 minutes. Thankfully by that time the bleeding had stopped (the screaming had not) and the paramedic filled me in that our heads have lots of capillaries, so the head tends to bleed a lot. They checked Brother out and would you believe that the cut on the back of his head was itty-bitty? Of course, no 2 year old boy is going to let an ambulance stop by without checking it out, so after we had a tour the very nice paramedics were off to save another day. I joked later that he probably only hit his head so he could see an ambulance. (He’s currently obsessed with all forms of transportation.)

So, what’s the moral of the story? Never let your kids out of the plastic bubble you create for them! Just kidding, but I did walk away with a few thoughts:

1. Stay calm! (Or fake it really well.) When an emergency happens to one of your kids, there’s already enough chaos going on. Try to stay as calm as possible for them-and for you!

2. When in doubt, call 911. I doubted my decision later-I thought maybe I’d overreacted-but the truth of the matter is, I could not have driven safely or as quickly to the closest hospital as the ambulance got to me.

3. Keep a first aid kit in your car! We actually have one, but I probably need to add to it. The mom with the iodine wipes said she had 3 boys, and so she’s just learned to be like a scout and Be Prepared.

4. Have the wine handy. For you, after bedtime, to calm those shaken nerves!

What’s been your scariest mommy moment? How did you deal with it when it happened?

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  • Becca says:

    That is still so scary! I guess I need to be like that mom and carry a big first aid kit in my car since I have three boys! 🙂

    Luckily, we haven’t had an emergency yet. But Parker is very prone to head injuries. Every time he hurts himself, it’s on his head.

  • Rachel says:

    Just last weekend, Eli broke a glass jar. I heard the crash of the glass as he hit it on the tile floor. I ran to him as quickly as possible and had to pry a piece of glass out of his hand and miraculously, he didn’t have any cuts. And just so I don’t seem like a delinquent mom, Eli got the pantry door open while I was loading the dishwasher. I don’t just leave glass jars sitting around, anymore!

  • Jamie says:

    As the new Peach State Mom blogging as a seasoned Mama with college kids, I want to weigh in on your questions. I’ve never had to call 911 on my children who are early 20’s, but I have called them for a friend. ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry, so don’t second guess yourself. I did have one of those “head bleeders” (LOTS of blood) one time in the car when my son was small! We never did find out what he cut his head on, and he needed stitches. I want to save my scariest Mommy moments for one of my upcoming blog entries! I’ll link it to this entry when I post.

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