Scary Fevers

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Preschool just started and we’ve already gotten our first cold and I’m already seeing signs for the flu shot up in drug stores  (Is it a little early, or is this just me?).  So I figure it’s time to review our health knowledge 😉

My 3 year old has always been relatively healthy, running low grade fevers as a baby after a few immunizations, catching a cold here and there,  getting a few mild ear infections.  However, twice this summer we caught fevers that ended up being rather scary.  It did not help that BOTH times the fevers spiked over the weekend, while I was operating under single parent status (deployed spouse) and left me wondering if I was going to spend my Sunday night in an emergency room.

As a parent, a burning up child is rather alarming – even though we are told the body is doing what it is supposed to be doing – fighting an infection.  These fevers creeped over 103 degrees, so I called the doctors office and the on-call nurses at the Childrens Immediate care called me back.  They asked me a series of questions, including whether or not she was still drinking anything, using the bathroom, if she had a rash, how her breathing was, inquiring about other symptoms (vomiting, coughing etc), and whether or not I could get her to play/interact with me at all.  Both times – in absence of further symptoms – I was allowed to continue appropriate doses of tylenol, instructed to strip her to underwear only, to call back if there were any changes or more questions, and to wait.

Those were the worst times, and after sleeping in moms bed, with lots of reaching over to feel how hot her body was during the night, the fever came down enough to not be so…scary.

It’s important to let the body do it’s job in keeping us healthy, but if your child has a high fever, is acting particularly ill (even if the fever isn’t that low), or has some other symptoms – or you are just freaked out – call your doctor to be sure you are doing what you should be.  Check out online articles below to learn about fever in babies and children.  You’ll learn what is too high from age 0 months on up.  You’ll also learn when to give medicine, which medicines are appropriate, and when to call the doctor FOR SURE (but call them ANYTIME if you are feeling scared or unsure about the appropriate measures). Family Health Guide:  Fever

Baby Center Fever Guide

Speaking of:  Do you have a favorite type of thermomter for your little one?  We’ve done rectal and under the arm.  We’ve tried ear.  Anyone know about those temporal scanner thermometers?  Bring on the mommy wisdom!

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