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Thursday , 28, February 2013 2 Comments

About a month ago I talked about homeschooling and if it would be a good fit for our family.  The answer to that question seems to be Yes!  My husband is on board, the kids are on board and I feel there are a lot of benefits for our family to start homeschooling.  Everything from scheduling, curriculum content to providing a positive learning environment has played a factor in our decision.  And so, now I need to figure out the how-to part of homeschooling!

After a month of reading about teaching philosophies, curriculums and how other people homeschool it seems there are as many different options for homeschooling as there are homeschoolers.  The more resources I find (Check out some of my favorites below!) the more excited I become about starting to homeschool.  There are so many great ideas available that the optimist in me sees glorious days filled with my children so engaged in learning that the day flies by and we are sad to see it end.  (A girl can dream can’t she?)  But, the realist in me knows that I have three young kids and there are bound to be bumps in the road as we figure out what really works for us.

So I have come to the realization that I need to be able to focus on what we need for the coming year while also keeping the “big picture” in mind in trying to decide which direction to take our schooling.  A couple of moms recommended reading “The Well-Trained Mind”, which lays out how to provide a classical education.  I really like this approach and am using it as our jumping board.  I like the overall structure and goals of the classical education model, but I also think it will allow for some exploration into specific areas of interest.

Along the way I have found a welcoming community of moms who are willing to share what they know about homeschooling with newbies like me!  From moms in my area to online support groups, if I have a question, they will answer it.  I most appreciate the honesty and sincerity that these moms provide, they give answers that can only come from experience and a mother’s heart.  They are in the trenches everyday working to make the world a better place, one child at a time and I am excited to join them!

My Favorite Resources (so far):

The local library!

Free Homeschool Deals

Enchanted Homeschooling Mom                                                                            

This Reading Mama



Please comment below and share your favorite resources!

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  • Jamie says:

    Wishing you well! Glad you’ve found some good support!

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