Report Card Incentives

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Report Card Incentives

11 Restaurants that reward good report cards

Are you trying to decide if you should reward your child for good grades?  I know many of us probably grew up being rewarded for our good grades in school.  Some of may have received monetary gifts for every A or B while others may have gotten that item you have had your eye on for quite some time.  Perhaps you were one of those that never got accolades for bringing home a stellar report card.  Maybe your parents believed in what Ralph Waldo Emerson did, “The reward for a thing well done is to have done it!”  Either way, being recognized for working hard generally makes a person feel better and with the end of the school year rapidly approaching, you may have some decisions to make.

Having older kids, I have learned a few things about rewarding them for grades that I would like to pass along to you.    The best celebrations we had for grades were the ones that did not involve cash incentives for earning good grades, but rather the time that was spent honoring the person was more meaningful and rewarding.  I am not saying that paying a child for making good grades is not wise, there are many arguments to support that it is.  I actually agree with many of them; however, money was not always what we could afford to give up in my household.  I had to find alternative ways to celebrate the success of my children’s academic performance.

Thankfully there are many businesses that want to help you recognize the hard efforts of your children.  Be sure to check out the contents of your child’s final school folder or report card envelope.  As a teacher, I know that we send home coupons for summer fun to kids for grades and more.  Don’t miss those coupons for bowling, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Braves tickets, and more.

Below is a list of incentives offered by various restaurants for those that have A’s and/or B’s.   Please plan ahead and contact your local store to make sure they participate in these offers as many may be selective to a specific area or participating locations!  Remember that many stores are individually owned & operated so the best thing to do would be to ask your local store!


Baskin Robbins:  Free scoop of ice cream for A’s and B’s.

Bruster’s Ice Cream: One free ice cream cone for good grades.

Burger King:  A free hamburger for good grades.

Chick-fil-A:  Bring in your all A’s and B’s report card and receive a FREE 8 pack nuggets!

Chuck E. Cheese: Choose from the Super Student Award or Graduation Certificate and receive 10 FREE tokens for being a good student.

Cold Stone Creamery:  Kids in K-5 can earn free ice cream for a straight-A report card.

IHOP:  Offers free kid’s meal with a good report card grades.

Krispy Kreme:  Enjoy a free original glazed donut for each A (limit of 6).

McDonald’s: K-5 students can earn a free Happy Meal when they bring in their  report cards. Grades 6-12 get a free Value Meal.

Melting Pot: Bring in your report card with all A’s and you will be rewarded with the free Straight A’s Club Fondue Dinner at The Melting Pot Restaurant.  The K to 8th grade feature dinner will be the Three-Course.

Pizza Hut:  Any child that has 3 A’s will receive one Personal Pan Pizza and a small soft drink or carton of milk by presenting his or her report card to the manager.


While the report card incentives offered by many companies may be appropriate for some children, there are children that need to be recognized for the accomplishments they did make even if it did not result in an A or B on a report card.  Praising the effort and hard work of child who pulls a C up to a B or an F up to a C is important and should be recognized.   Simple acts of praise encourage your child to keep doing his or her personal best in school.

Hopefully you will find a way to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of your child inside and outside of school!

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Oprah Winfrey


Best wishes for a happy and safe summer!




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