Reducing Work Hours

Tuesday , 24, July 2012 1 Comment

Like Julie, I’m facing a big transition at the end of the summer.  My situation is different in that I will be reducing my work hours so that I can be home with the kids just a little more during the week.  I have worked full-time since I graduated college.  I have a good job where there’s somewhat of a flexibility to our work schedule and most importantly (to me as a working mom) is extremely family friendly.  So when my daughter was born, I didn’t even consider reducing my work hours or staying home.  After the birth of my son two years ago and with my daughter starting pre-k last year was when I really started thinking more and more about reducing my work hours so that I could be home more with my kids.  My daughter starts kindergarten in the fall and although the school provides before and after school care if needed, we just didn’t think that is the answer to our needs.  I’ve always thought that when my kids start school, things will be less chaotic at our house. However, between the extra-curricular activities, school activities, school work, my husband’s rigorous work schedule, and the desire to spend extra time with my child since she will be away from home five days a week, I just don’t see how we would make it work otherwise.  I am lucky enough that my employer is willing to work with me and reduce my weekly work hours (with reduce pay, of course) so that I can try to better balance my work and home life.

For those parents with school-age children or have BTDT:  When your kids started school, did you find that you needed more time at home to make your household run more smoothly?

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  • Julie says:

    It will be interesting to see how much time will be needed with school-related stuff-and I’m sure your big girl will be happy to see Mommy at the end of the school day!

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