Real Food for Real Life: 3 more small changes

Tuesday , 17, April 2012 Comments Off on Real Food for Real Life: 3 more small changes


If you picked strawberries Friday, how were they? Unfortunately I had a previous engagement but I doubt they would have made it through the weekend here. My son and I are notorious berry eaters!

Today I am going to give you a few more tips to help ease your family into a more whole-foods pantry. Drumroll please…

1) Focus on one meal at a time

Maybe right now your daily menu consists of a frozen breakfast item, a fast food lunch, and a frozen pizza for dinner. Or, maybe I”m just thinking back to before we had kids. 🙂 One thing that has helped us was to focus on a meal at a time. First I started making pancakes, waffles, and muffins from scratch, and would double the recipe to freeze some for upcoming days. Then I worked on making a healthier dinner that introduced more veggies or a salad. Like Rachel, I am a big fan of the crock-pot. I admit I still have a problem with lunchtime, and I feel that is the meal that could use the most improvement. We get stuck in the PB&J rut a LOT. (but I am using all natural peanut butter and jelly<a title="Real Food for Real Life: 5 small steps to ease online casino into a more whole-foods pantry” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>, so, I guess that counts for something!) I think I am mostly fretting over this meal because my daughter will be entering kindergarten in August and I want to make sure I am packing her wholesome lunches!

2) Shop the aisles, pick up the discounts!

One of the most known suggestions for healthier eating is to shop the outer aisles of your grocery store. This is definitely helpful! Last time I checked, Oreos weren”t stocked next to the bananas. Take it a step further and keep your eye out on marked down produce-quite often you can get organic lettuce for half off if it”s close to the sell-by date. Just remember to use it in the next day or two. Too-ripe bananas? Buy them at the discount price and freeze them to use in smoothies. And don”t be afraid to ask them to mark something down that is within a day of the sell-by date, if they haven”t already-I know at my particular shop of choice they don”t get around to marking down until mid-day, and I sometimes shop in the morning.

3) Keep it Simple!

Finally, when you”re trying to ease your family into a less processed diet, remember to keep it simple! Don”t try to overwhelm yourself with a recipe that has fifty ingredients, even if it promises to be the best thing you”ve ever eaten. (Although, if you happen to have a recipe that calls for red wine vinegar, please send it my way, because the bottle is slowly collecting dust.) Real food doesn”t have to be real complicated!

I hope I”ve given you some good ideas to get started with more wholesome foods. What”s your must-do or must-have for a healthier mealtime?

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