Rainy Day Workouts

Thursday , 14, June 2012 1 Comment

With a few rainy days last week and more rain this week I have been lagging a bit with my workout routine.  Since the warm weather has arrived we have been going to the park to get our walk/run in each day.  Not only do my husband and I get our workout done, but the kids also get to play and expend some of their extra energy too, making for a much calmer household!  But with the rain we haven’t been able to make it to the park, so what’s a mom to do to spice up her rainy day workout routine?  Here are some ideas:

  1. DVDs – Nothing can replace the good ‘ole DVD for a reliable workout.  My personal favorites are The Firm DVDs.  I love the combination of weight training and cardio along with the variety of instructors and routines to choose from.
  2. Summer Shape Up – Who doesn’t want to shape up for summer?  This article has some great exercises you can easily do at home, add to your regular routine or use the next time you can’t make it to the gym.
  3. Peak313Fitness.com – This is a blog I have been reading for a while and always look forward to her short videos featuring new exercises she has come up with.
  4. JillFit.com – Another great blog full of useful information!  Check out this article for a fast workout you can do anywhere and then read this one to find out if you should worry about counting calories or not.
  5. And last, but not least, don’t forget about exercising during your daily routine.  Going upstairs?  Concentrate on tightening your glutes as you go or stand on the bottom step and do some calf exercises before heading up the steps.  Need to vacuum?  It’s a great way to get some lunges in while you’re pushing that vacuum cleaner back and forth.

Just remember that every little bit of exercise helps, so get creative and get moving!

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  • Rachel says:

    I really needed to read this, Wendy! The past few rainy days really had me in a funk!

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