Rainbow Art Birthday Party: DIY Tutorial Round-up!

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I really enjoy planning birthday parties. And I don’t think that you need to reinvent the wheel when you are having one!

With that being said, this year we decided to do the kids’ parties together (although Isla’s birthday is in June and Cole’s is in October) simply because Joseph was home for Isla’s birthday but would not be here for Cole’s and why should he miss all the fun?

So my original idea for Isla’s red white and TWO party was out and I needed something gender-neutral for the two of them. I took to pinterest looking for ideas and finally decided on a rainbow art party! I thought we could invite some kids from playgroup and church and have fun art activities on top of the party being at the park with the playground and sprinkler! In the end, I was really happy I had art projects available because it rained the whole party!

I thought I would just share some of the awesome DIY posts I used and other things I added myself along the way in case you are looking for a great theme and need some ideas.

1. Outfits- I think people think I’m crazy that I try to do themed outfits for parties. Last year, Isla’s first birthday party was a farm theme and she wore an overall jumper with a cow print diaper. I have issues for sure! Well this year was no different, I had found a super cute dress on facebook somewhere of a little girl’s rainbow dress and my sister’s friend made a replica for me. I threw together Cole’s little shorts and suspenders very last minute so the stitching is horrible, but they matched and how cute are they. Their matching bow and bow-tie are from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Sevin Designs.

2. Food- Our party was in the afternoon between lunch and dinner so we opted for light snacks instead of more of a meal like we had last year. We did puff corn, pretzels, juice boxes, water, cake, cupcakes, potato chips, and a fruit tray. The fruit tray was all fruits from the colors of the rainbow: Strawberries, Clementines, Pineapple, Green Grapes, Blueberries, and Purple Grapes. I got the idea from here but didn’t lay my fruit out like a rainbow. The chips and other finger foods were in bright colored bowls.

I used this recipe for our 6-layer rainbow cake and we added rainbow candies on top of our cupcakes. The longest part was the cake, but it was well worth it.

3. Art- I had 4 Art stations for the kids: Fruit loop necklaces, Painting canvases, Making a rainbow, and Sidewalk chalk. I found super cute art aprons on Amazon and the kids got to take them home along with their goody bags. Everything else is pretty much self explanatory. They had a ball and I was so happy I had planned activities for them with all this Georgia rain we’ve been having!

4. Decor- This is always my favorite part of the party. I went with white tablecloths and left colored sunglasses and leis in the middle of each table. I used streamers, balloons, and pom-poms for decorating. The rainbow streamers were from Target. I had loose balloons and a huge balloon banner that my husband and babysitter made one day while I was working. That tutorial is here. And then I made pom poms in each color of the rainbow. If you haven’t had the joy of making pom-poms yet, you can use my favorite tutorial located here. I made super cute rainbow water bottle labels on Word.

5. Gift bags- For the gift bags, I bought white bags from the dollar store and used Isla’s dot markers to fashion a rainbow on them.  I got the idea from this blog.

6. Invitations- I used these awesome and FREE invitations for the kids’ party! Everyone loved them!

The most important thing is that we had a wonderful time! Mr. Cole slept nearly the whole party but Isla had a ball!


And the best part is that Daddy didn’t miss a thing!

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