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Wednesday , 1, May 2013 2 Comments

We recently moved into a new house and in the midst of settling in and renovating the over 30 year old former foreclosure, I decided to make some art for our kitchen as a quick project to help me make it feel more like home. With the renovation, sometimes I feel a bit bogged down by the amount of work I have left to do, so an added benefit of this quick project was it gave me a bit of a morale boost when I completed it. And the best part: it was totally free!

Canvas my husband made

I took a canvas my husband and I had made for our old house and used leftover sample paint from Lowes to paint a design on it. First I used Photoshop and a picture of the canvas to mockup my design. It didn’t have to be perfect, but it helped me visualize how the final product would look. This step could have been done any number of ways (pen & paper, free photoshop-esque programs like GIMP, etc…); I just used a program I’m most familiar with that didn’t involve finding and unpacking my art supplies.

The Photoshop Mockup (like I said, doesn't have to be pretty)

Then I used a silver sharpie to sketch out the rough outline of my design. My canvas fabric was gray so the silver was subtle enough I didn’t worry about the lines showing through the paint. After I was satisfied with my outline, I used a small foam brush and some yellow paint leftover from trying to decide on a new entry way color and filled in around my design. It took a couple of coats but after only 10 minutes (not including drying time), my new kitchen wall art was finished. I’m pretty happy with it! I am debating painting the other two canvases (also made for our old house), but can’t decide on a design. I’ll keep you posted.

Do you ever have to just do a quick project just to make it seem like you are making progress? Sometimes I feel like no matter how much work I do, the To-Do list never gets shorter! What projects have you done that helped turn your house into a home?

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