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Thursday , 15, November 2012 2 Comments


With the holidays quickly approaching and those New Year’s Resolutions right around the corner, I thought I would take time to share a fun fitness idea that can be incorporated in to anyone’s day.  I lift weights on a regular basis at a gym.  I like to go late at night when it’s quiet and unwind from the day.  The downside to working out at night is sometimes I’m too tired to go.  I also realize not everyone has time to go to a gym, but we all have time to watch TV right?

This idea came to me the other day as my husband and I were watching the election results on TV.  It was after we put wild child to bed and I was too lazy tired to go to the gym.  I knew I was going to be watching the election results all night.  So I decided every time the news said Obama we would do 5 squats.  Romney got 5 push-ups.  Democrat got 5 sit ups and Republicans got 5 chair dips.  The key was to move the furniture out of the way and set up the chairs for dips.  We didn’t have to move far to do any of the exercises.

As you can imagine the news was throwing the key words pretty fast.  So we just hit pause on the tv and did the exercise.  We hit play when we were ready for the next one.  We went on with this for 30 minutes before we were hurting and didn’t do any more.  I know we did well over 100 squats and push ups!  I was feeling it the next day.

This idea could be adpated to whatever show you watch.  It could even be done when watching tv with the kids.  We’re partial to Curious George in our house. It would fun to do squats when someone says George, or sit ups when George gets in to trouble.  The possibilities are endless and let’s face it, we all watch some form of TV everyday.

Another quick TV workout is to do something every commercal break.  You could do jumping jacks, lunges, or calf raises for the entire break.  Doing little exercises over time really adds up and will help you incorporate burning calories in to something you already do every day.  Try it and see!

What fun TV workouts do you suggest?  I would love to hear your ideas for different shows.  Be sure to leave a comment and tell us!

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  • Rachel says:

    I REALLY love this idea! I don’t LOVE working out, so any way to fool myself into getting in some activity is a good thing! Hmmm…We always watch ‘The Amazing Race’ on Sunday nights so every time someone gets lost, I’ll do 10 lunges. When an argument breaks out, 10 crunches!

  • Jamie says:

    You make exercise sound like fun, Liz! I think I could do this! LOL! (NOT 100 of anything, though! Well, actually, 10 sets of 10 sounds almost doable!)

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