Preseving Memories Beyond the Baby Book

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I’m a baby book kind of person.  I don’t have one, but my dad and all of my uncles do and one of my memories as a child is digging out the baby books at my grandmothers house to look through them.

I was absolutely set on making sure my second child has a baby book just like his big sister.  No letting second-child-syndrome take over and digging out his baby book in a year to try and fill in.  So far this is working for me.  I’ve filled in his baby book people.  It’s up to date (except pictures.  Neither of my children have the pictures in their books yet)!  But this was because it was something important to me.

I bet you thought I was going to suggest some cool alternatives to filling in a baby book huh?  Well, I’ve got two: create website/blog or get a first year calendar with stickers!  I’ve done both of these.  Gotta figure out what works best for you, you know!

It was after my daughter “outgrew” her baby book that I began looking for ways to continue to preserve some of our memories.  I started with a Totsite, so I could share my little Princesses journey with our family far away.  This site is actually great for babies – but can continue into the school years.  You can blog, add pictures, document milestones and put it all on CD.  For some reason, I didn’t keep ours up after about 18 months.

Then my husband went to Afghanistan and I discovered I was really bad about keeping him up to date with day to day things.  I’d say “Did I tell you about….” and most of the time the answer was “No. You didn’t.”  Fail.

That was when I began Miriam’s journal.  It’s a file on my computer and whenever I have something I want to remember I open up the file, enter a date and write it in there. I’m not great at journaling.  I probably write once of month on average.  But I am thankful for what I have written.  It’s the reason I remember fun things like the time she put my wedding ring in my bath salts and I couldn’t find it, or how she listened to Daddy reading to her on DVD over and over or the songs she learns at Preschool.   My favorite is when we were learning a song with the books in the Old Testament.  “Samuel, Samuel, Kings, Kings, Barnacles.”  Wait.  Barnacles??

Then a few months back I got a coupon from Target for a free 8×8 photo book from Shutterfly.  Lights went on in my head.  I decided to scan some artwork I had kept (with the intent of sending it to grandparents) and make Miriam’s journal into a book.  I scanned artwork and pictures and put them into the book with entry’s from Miriam’s journal.

I love it!  I plan on making more as she grows so I can remember these little moments.  And our family can enjoy them too!  And I don’t have to keep heaps of artwork forever!  I’ll still have pictures of Miriam’s first time finger-painting along with her first painted hand prints right on my bookshelf!

How do you keep up with your kiddo’s as they grow?

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