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Rachel and I thought we might start a pregnancy check-in to keep ya’ll appraised of how we are both holding up with parenting toddlers while pregnant with baby #2. If you have any pregnancy related questions you would like to see us answer, feel free to give us a shout in the comments and we will try to add it for a future update.










How many weeks pregnant are you?

Allie: I’m 26 weeks, so just under 6 months pregnant.

Rachel: 13 weeks.


How old is your first child:

Allie: The Goober is 20 months and in full-force toddler mode. He is exhausting to keep up with!

Rachel: Eli is almost 23 months old.  The 2nd Birthday party planning is in full swing.  Elmo here we come!


What symptoms are you having?

Allie: I’m at the end of the second trimester, so I’m actually feeling pretty good now. I’ve had some issues with migraines and am still trying to work out the best cure that works for me. I’ve also been having Braxton Hicks contractions, which were a bit unexpected since that was something I didn’t feel until late, late in the game when I was pregnant with the Goober. I’ve heard that they can be much more frequent/pervasive with baby #2 since you know what to look for and since your uterus knows the drill. I’m so glad to have put the first tri morning sickness and lethargy behind me, but I must confess, I feel the dire need for a nap most afternoons.

Rachel:  Nausea, exhaustion, breast tenderness, food aversions.  You know, the usual!  The past few days I have had a little bit more energy, which has been exciting!  Weeks 11+ I have had a terrible protein aversion.  I am a total carnivore so it is way unlike me to not like meat, but I can barely stomach it right now.  Hows a girl supposed to get 70 grams of protein a day without meat?!  Don’t worry, I am figuring it out.


What are you craving?

Allie: Dippin’ Dots! Unfortunately, the only place that sells them near here isn’t close or involves getting tickets to a Braves game at Turner Field, so I’ve only been able to indulge a few times this summer. Boiled peanuts are a pretty close second in the craving department. What can I say, I’m a Southern girl at heart.

Rachel: Oooh…boiled peanuts sound good.  Thanks for the idea, Allie.  Ha.  Olive Garden salad.  YUM.  I’m more on the aversions bandwagon right now. 


Differences from last pregnancy?

Allie: I would say I’m actually surprised at how uncertain I feel about some things/symptoms this time. You would think that after having done this before, most of it would seem like “old hat”, but I find I worry about many of the same things and have just as many questions, maybe more, than I did with the Goob. Definitely the first trimester was harder with this one than it was with my first son and not just because I was having to parent and chase a toddler through the nausea/exhaustion.

Rachel: Well, this time I have a previous pregnancy to compare to.  So far, pretty much everything has been the same.  One small difference is that this time around I have had some headaches.  I get usually get headaches pretty easily so last pregnancy when I had NOT ONE headache, I took notice.  This time, I have had a few headaches and one killer headache.  So, maybe this one is a girl?  That or he/she has been a headache from the very beginning…ba-dum ching!


How is your energy/activity level:

Allie: I would say my energy level is just a hair under normal right now (especially now that I’m well out of the 1st tri), though some activities are definitely getting more difficult. I’m doing a better job this time around though staying active and trying to continue working out, which is something I wish I had done better with the Goober.

Rachel:  Pretty low right now.  Like I said, I have had a bit more energy the past few days so hopefully that is the new trend.  I have done an ok job of still hitting the gym, but then my gym partner sprained her ankle so I have slacked this week.  I plan to keep up the activity as my energy picks up,  something I didn’t do too well with my first pregnancy.  


What’s your favorite pregnancy movie?

Allie: It’s a toss up between Saved! and Knocked up.

Rachel:  Father of the Bride part II



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