Pregnancy Annoyances: Anemia

Monday , 22, August 2011 2 Comments

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Things have gone very smoothly for my first pregnancy.  Like I have mentioned in other posts, i did have 24 hour nausea for the first 14 weeks.  As awful as it was, it could have been worse, and I think it was actually a blessing for me, because if I had felt normal, I would have been worried that things were not as they should be.  Weeks 15 and 16 were plagued by allergies from the ridiculous pine pollen that we get here in Georgia.  If you have not seen this phenomenon, you are missing out.  It is so thick, you can see it waft from the trees whenever a stiff breeze blows, and everyone’s cars have a yellowish/green tint for a month straight.

Now, at almost 30 weeks I am dealing with a bit of Anemia.  I have been really tired the past couple weeks, but just assumed that it was normal to feel that way at this stage in the pregnancy.  But then i got a message from the nurse at my doctor’s office that they would like me to start taking an Iron supplement, because my levels were low at my last doctor’s appointment.

So, I am adding Anemia to the list of pregnancy annoyances. Because that is all it is.  Just annoying, but not enough to get me down!  I’ll take the back aches, heartburn, and sleepless nights in stride because I hear the reward is pretty awesome 🙂

How about it, Ladies?  What annoying things did you deal with while pregnant? 


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  • Lauren says:

    I had a stuffed up nose my entire first pregnancy. So random but somehow attributed to pregnancy. Talk about annoying!

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