Poo- I’m SO over it!

Monday , 21, January 2013 5 Comments

I am so sick of Poo.  I had this realization yesterday.  I don’t know what it was, exactly, that put me over the edge.  Maybe it was the smell.  Perhaps it was the fact that I got poo on my outfit AND  Eli’s outfit during one diaper change.  Or maybe it was that I changed at least 3 poopy diapers yesterday.  Whatever the reason, I realized yesterday  that as a cloth diapering SAHM, I see way more of the stuff than any person should.  I am sure you can identify.  I have written about cloth diapering here and how I love my diaper sprayer.  Well, I think this love affair might be over.  I am OVER it.  ALL of it.  I almost want to take a week off from cloth diapering, but I would feel guilty the whole time thinking about the money I’d be wasting.  Yes, I cloth diaper not for any other reason but the money it saves us, and most of the time I don’t mind.  The extra laundry doesn’t bother me.  When it comes right down to it, it is the poo that bothers me.  Not in a ‘gag every time I ‘ change a diaper’ kind of way.  More like a ‘i can’t just wrap the poo up in this diaper and throw it away’ kind of way.  I can’t just throw the poopy diapers in the washer, which means that somehow, the poo must come off the diaper.  Not a fun process no matter how you go about it.

It isn’t just the cloth diapering that has me sick of poo either.  How is it that after changing—who knows how many diapers over the past year–I can still get poo on my clothes or Eli’s clothes almost 50% of the time?  If not on our clothes, then he will put his hand it in, or somehow it gets on his foot.  That smell is almost impossible to get rid of with one hand washing.  Maybe it is the constant smell of poo in the air that has me going crazy.

Please tell me I am not alone in this.  I might just need an attitude adjustment because It is unlikely that Eli will be potty trained any time in the near future.  (and then we’ll probably start this process all over again!)

Any tips on how to get over my bad attitude towards poo??


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  • Julie says:

    The world won’t end if you take a cloth-diapering time out, especially if it will save your sanity!!

  • Maggie says:

    how many diapers is he going through a week? if you really need a time out, ours going to cost you 10 to 20 dollars I think. otherwise, no idea what to tell you.

  • I say take a break! Sometimes you can’t put a price on sanity. A box of $20 diapers will last you a week, and you’ll be happier! 🙂

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