Playgroup Lessons

Thursday , 16, August 2012 Leave a comment

I recently hosted my very first playdate.  I was so excited to welcome my mamma’s group into my new house and share a relaxed morning of chatting with them.  I prepared some snacks and cleaned up, so that everything was in its place (or so I thought).  Just the right amount of ladies (and kids) RSVP’d so we would have enough space for everyone.  We DID have a l0vely time, but hosting a playgroup taught me a few things that I had not yet learned.  I learned that:

Just because my child is not mobile, does not mean other children are not.–Are you shaking your head at me?  I know, this was a major -DUH!- moment…or maybe more like DOH! (Homer Simpson style). Anyway, Eli is not officially crawling yet.  He rolls all over the place, but rolling still limits how far he can get.  I had stashed some non-kid-friendly items (a couple speakers, a remote control, etc.) in the corner of the den behind the couch.  Eli had not been able to make it all the way over there, but a couple of the other kids were very curious about what was over there.  Of course they were!  I have since moved them to a closet where they will not be discovered–Until Eli can open doors…Yikes!  I learned quite a few things that I need to do before Eli is more mobile, including- moving the DVDs from the exposed shelf under the TV, secure a baby gate at the top of the stairs, and remove all small objects from the tops of tables, ie screws, finger nail clippers, pencils, loose change, you get the idea.

I also learned that as the hostess, you will feel like you didn’t get to talk to anyone.  This is not meant as a ‘woe is me’, just and observation.  I was trying to kid-proof my house mid playdate, answer the door, and make sure everyone was comfortable.  It also made me think, though, about how conversations at playgroups usually go.  Whether at the park, or someone’s house, there is never an ‘uninterrupted’ moment. Little ones always take precedence over chatting about the latest pinterest finds.  Moms learn to carry on conversations in short bursts, and sometimes a conversation lasts through several playgroups.

I have learned from the last 9 months of attending playgroups that often, getting together with other moms and kids is the highlight of my day.  Playgroups are where I get many of my mommy questions answered.  I am taking notes about parenting through the terrible twos, and getting kids ready for school.  Eventually, Eli will enjoy the playgroups as much as I do!


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