Pickle Peas Review and GIVEAWAY!

Monday , 4, March 2013 9 Comments

This month, we were offered the awesome opportunity to test out an outfit from Pickle Peas! I went to their website and chose an adorable short-sleeved romper and two snap on bibs for my little man. That’s right,  this outfit came with perks! The whole idea behind the Pickle Peas clothing line is offering cute, hip clothes for babies that don’t require being covered by an everyday bib…. instead you get an adorable snap-on “decoration” for onesies, rompers, and t-shirts that doubles as a dribble catcher! The colors are so bright and “organic” looking (which is fitting because they are made with organic cotton)!

We chose the short-sleeved romper in Nectar, which is a pretty orange, and the dump truck and pirate ship bib attachments. They are both adorable and the romper is soo soft. I love the awesome little pockets on the legs.

The “bibs” are durable. Cole just loved to play with them– it’s like a built in toy that catches drool! They definitely did keep my drooly boy from getting his outfit all wet. Half the time, the bib itself didn’t even feel wet. They were super easy to snap on and take off to wash, as well.

Overall, I thought the Pickle Peas outfit we tried was wonderful. The idea makes total sense and as I said, they are just plain adorable. Cole’s teachers even commented on how innovative the idea was! The only suggestions I would have for Pickle Peas would be to make the bibs a little more bib like (I know that kind of defeats the purpose) but my crazy boy can get his drool up on his shoulders if he wants to albeit not often 🙂 If the attachments went further along the neckline, they may be a tad more beneficial for crazy kids like mine. Other than that, we really loved our Pickle Peas romper and will love on it and recommend it to many more mamas and babies!

Now for the fun part!  YOU can win an adorable outfit from Pickle Peas!  Contest ends Friday at midnight.  Enter below!

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  • domestic diva says:

    I might choose the rockin romper with robot.

  • Kathleen says:

    We would choose a blue romper with the dump truck bib and robot bib!!

  • Francesca says:

    I like the blue romper with the robot and the rocket ship. So cute! Great idea.

  • Valeria B says:

    The girls long sleeve body suit, the owl, robot and car bibs (all girls)

  • Valeria B says:

    Edit the girls romper

  • Kimberly says:

    I’d pick the pickle pea green romper and the owl and robot bibs.

  • Heather McKenzie Carter says:

    I would pick the storm blue romper and with the rocket and pirate ship bib.

  • Holly M. says:

    I would pick the robot and the rocket with the necter romper

  • Heather McKenzie Carter says:

    HEather M as in me Heather M??? “:-)

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