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I like to think of myself as a fairly patient person. I have no problems waiting in traffic, or for my food to arrive, and heck, I can even stay in a good mood after spending all day at the DMV. But as a single Mom, I find that my patience is tested……. A lot. My son was diagnosed with OCD when he was in first grade. He is now in the 6th grade, and just when I thought we had made it through the My-Food-Cannot-Touch-Or-Else-it-Is-Contaminated-Forever Phase, my 2 ½ year old daughter has started exercising her independance – which is all that I am calling this, for now. So, I wait patiently as, together, we try and find a shirt with sleeves that she tolerates, and shoes that are “comfy cozy” enough for her. And doing her hair…well, we won’t even go there, except to say that she isn’t bald – yet – which, I think says volumes about my patience. A few days ago, I let her choose her outfit, and this was her final selection:

Kats daughter


Clearly she gets her clothes matching skills from myself, but at this point I was just thrilled that she wasn’t naked – which is her preferred style.


I think for a Mom, patience means choosing which battles to fight – as in “No, you may not hold your own hand in the parking lot, you need to hold mine.” – and which battles to just wave the white flag on – like when I tell myself that Spagetti-O’s for dinner can’t be all that bad, as they DO have 3 food groups in them.


Patience also means giving up control. As a single parent, I often struggle with this part, since I am so used to making parental decisions on my own. But even so. as a Christian, I must give up control, and remind myself that there is someone who loves my children even more then I do.


Is it still hard to let my son go off with his Dad and his 20-something-but-at-least-they-are-legal Girlfriend? Of course it is! But as much as I sometimes hate to admit it, God loves my son as much as He loves his Dad.


As a woman, patience is also allowing God to find me a mate – if that is even in His plan – and my staying out of His way. Admittingly, I did sign up for an online dating site. I was pretty clear with my being a Christ Follower, and VERY clear about the type that I was not looking for – ie. anyone old enough to be my Dad, or young enough to be my son, or anyone wanting…you know…..that… However, apparently there is a hidden sign on my profile somewhere that says “attention all losers!” because after scrolling through a sea of the same profile picture – ie. shirtless guy standing in front of his bathroom mirror, taking a picture with his cell phone – I am wondering if I would have better luck at our local Wal-Mart.


Instead though, I think I will just wait patiently for the Lord.


So, Moms, what areas do you find yourself struggling the most with being patient?

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