Parenting…The Saga Begins

Monday , 19, September 2011 2 Comments

At almost 8 months pregnant, I have diapers, breast feeding, and sleepless nights on the brain.  But I also can’t help but think a bit into the future.  One of my thoughts regarding parenting is….how do I help my children from making the same mistakes I made?  Granted, I am not a total screw up, but there are definitely things that I could have handled better.  For example….I am a quitter (ok, was a quitter.  Somewhere along the line, I found some gumption). When I was young, if something was difficult, I would bail.  This is very frustrating to me now, because I was pretty good a somethings that I just let go by the wayside.  Starting with dance….ok, maybe I was not destined for Julliard, but I only took tap and ballet for a short time before I decided that I was too tired after school to continue.  Flute is another example.  In 5th grade I started to play, and was told by my teacher that I had great potential.  It was really easy for me and I enjoyed it a lot, at first.  Then, the songs got tougher and I lost interest, again.  I don’t know what would have happened if I had continued to take dance, or had been more invested in my flute lessons, but I am curious about it to this day.

  My husband and I have talked about this in some detail.  We both feel like there are things that we could have done better, but are not sure how we could have been encouraged to do them differently.  Does that make any sense?   I am basically saying that I don’t think it was my parent’s (or anyone else’s) fault that I made the decisions I did.  I guess I am hoping to be able to recognize my child’s strengths and weaknesses, and help them develop their character and be successful in their contributions to society.  (It would be nice if they can be happy too!)  I know it will be a process and we will make mistakes.  As my belly bounces from the movement of the little guy I have yet to meet, I can’t help but be excited for the challenges that lie ahead.

How about it moms?  Are you concerned that you won’t be able to parent the poor choices out of your kids? 

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  • Frances M Frazier says:

    Hi Rachel, good blog and probably all parents feel this way. Probably their parents did also. No magic answers for much of anything about raising a kid. They don’t come with instructions……….
    If you are happy the child will be happy because thats what they see and hear. If they know they are loved you can’t go wrong. Other comment- be consistent. Thats true for all of us. Good, bad or indifferent….but don’t make me wonder which you are now. Enjoy being Mom and Dad. Fran

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