Our 2 Cents: Surviving the Summer Heat!

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Last summer was my first in the South, and i thought it was hot then. This summer has been hotter, and as my husband puts it, it is my first summer ‘sweating for two’.  Staying cool has taken some trial and error, but I have a pretty good system worked out.

Clothing–Unfortunately, a bikini is not acceptable for all situations, so I have tried to stick to light cotton yoga pants and tank tops for casual occasions, and light, airy dresses for work, going out to eat, etc.

Activities– Walking the dogs has only happened before 9am and after 8pm this past month.  Any time in between is just too hot, for me and for them!  They usually take a dip in their pool as soon as we get home.

Maggie and I were meeting regularly to walk at the Henry County Soccer Complex.  As the summer progresses, our meeting times have gotten earlier and earlier!  If i’m being honest, our walks have become less frequent, and meeting at the pool has increased as a result.

Finally, staying indoors as much as possible has made this summer bearable!



It has been so hot here!  And humid.  (My hubby who just got back from Africa laughs in my face, but still)  I have a number of “go-to’s” that we keep doing over and over to help us cool down in the heat.  Every week we:

Go to Woodys Jump and Play.  I have a 10 week pass. (Flip Flop Inflatables is also a great option)

Spend one morning a week at the summer morning movies at Great Escape Theatre.

Swim in our residential community pool (even that is starting to feel like a hot tub)

Hook up the hose to a sprinkler and/or our hippo pool in the back yard

Other indoor activities like library story time and, occasionally, the McDonalds playplace visit our calendar. And of course The Wiggles concert!  Still, my daughter loves to play baseball and visit the park so, honestly, I just try and be outside before 9am (or after 7pm)  We load up with water and wear our sunscreen and hats.

I’m looking for a splash pad that is NOT in NORTH ATLANTAAnyone?? What am I missing here??

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