Our 2 Cents: Prenatal Doctor’s Visits

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I have to admit, I like going to the doctor.  Maybe this is because most of my life, doctor’s visits have not been because I was sick, but just preventative.  I will also admit that I like being the center of attention (sorry, but it is true!), and at the doctor, even for just a few minutes, you unapologetically get to be the center of attention. So, having to go to the doctor for prenatal visits, first every month, and now, every two weeks sounded like fun to me!  I have enjoyed getting to know the Midwife staff at Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare, and look forward to hearing my baby’s heartbeat each visit.  I didn’t even really mind the sugary orange drink @ week 28 that everyone dreads.  For me, these visits are a time to relax and enjoy the time focused solely on me and my baby, and so far I have been blessed that everything has gone smoothly.  I also take the opportunity to ask any questions that might have come up since my last visit.  I have a ‘list’ app on my phone where I compile questions as I think of them.  This week, my husband and i attended a midwife ‘meet and greet’ that our office organizes.  This meeting gives all the parents to be a chance to meet each midwife and ask any questions, and then get a tour of Piedmont Fayette Hospital, where I will deliver.  Hmmm, visiting the hospital really started putting things in perspective.  All of these doctor’s appointments are happening for a reason.  I am going to have a baby….wow, that I need to wrap my head around.


I had to find an OB here in Georgia (in my PPO) when I found out I was pregnant.  I hated that part. I asked mamas their opinions and chose one.  For some reason, I wasn’t feeling very happy with my first doctor – not only because I could not bring my daughter to the appointments (pain in the rear with a working/deployed spouse) – but for other less definable reasons.   Things like “Um, why do I need to go on Progesterone?  Please explain.  And why won’t you pre-authorize the prescription with my insurance?  Do you know how much that costs out of pocket?”  Okay – maybe there were some definable reasons.  But mostly I just felt slightly out of place!  So I got an opinion about a different Dr in my PPO and switched to Womens Health Specialists.  My tip for you:  If you, for any reason, feel uncertain about the doctor you are seeing – switch!  It’s not a big deal.  It’s you and your baby.

And I’m happy there.  Sometimes I feel like I have to push them to tell me small things – such as, “What was my blood pressure today?”  and “Baby’s heartbeat sounds good to me but, what was it today?”  Don’t just write that stuff on my chart!   Still, when I have questions they are thorough and ready to have a discussion.  As we get closer to the end of the pregnancy, my appointments feel so short!  No ultrasounds, no blood work.  Should we be talking about something at this appointment?  I should be grateful that’s it!  (See upcoming post about my pre-term labor)  I enjoy checking in.  They are nice about the times I have my daughter with me.  I like the doctors I am working with.  That’s about it!

What do you think about your prenatal visits?

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