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I had rather grand intentions for exercise in my second pregnancy.  My first pregnancy looked like this:  1st trimester, walking and some aerobics (at the local college).  2nd trimester, walking and exercises out of my Pregnancy Fitness book every day.  3rd trimester, bed rest so….absolutely nothing.  There was honestly nothing wrong with my first pregnancy.  I gained a normal amount of weight, labor was okay (for labor).  So why I had this desire to do “better” in my second pregnancy I don’t know.

Possibly because I’d spent the last year at a gym – something I love but had never allowed myself to purchase before – getting really awesome at step aerobics, and trying out spin classes and weight lifting.  The year before that I’d finally tried some running and run several 5Ks.  Nobody wants to give up their awesome fitness level.

Of course, you can also chase your daughter up and down a slide and still sweat like you ran a few miles. That works too.

I fully intended to continue my Pro-step class until at least 5 months along.  BUT I learned fast that I had to bring down my intensity, if anything because when I overdid it I would feel extra nauseated.   Then my Dr put me on Progesterone, and while I was cleared to work out, he also kind of…freaked me out.  So by 10 weeks I had essentially left the gym and gone back to just walking.  Enter summer (which started in what, April around here?) and the Georgia heat.  I went to walking mornings as often as possible and chasing my daughter around the house.  Still, in July I was only doing once a week…whoops.

Now that I am getting bigger, I’m just doing my best to walk a few times a week (still really hot), and swim at least once a week with my daughter.  Just about every article I’ve read about pregnancy fitness recommends those two exercises anyway!  I’m also keeping up with a few low intensity videos (Moms into fitness has a great/cheap series available at Target) and yoga of course!

Having carried some extra non-pregnancy weight in the past (post for another day!) I can tell you I HATE the aches and pains that come with extra weight, pregnancy no exception (at least it’s for a good cause!).  But doing my best to stay active during pregnancy is helping a LOT, as long as I am consistent.   I didn’t have to do step aerobics all the way through.   Walking and swimming does it for me! Let’s hope I avoid bed rest this time right???  I am so heading back to my step class as soon as I am cleared to go though.  Assuming I can stay awake that long…


I must confess that I am not too crazy about exercise in the first place.  As a non-pregnant person, I have to really force myself to be active. As someone who struggles to maintain a healthy weight, I know that I NEED to have a consistent exercise routine….but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!  The best way for me to stay consistent has been to find something that I actually enjoy doing…and to find a person or group of people that want to do it with me.  This applies to my crazy sister who encouraged me to sign up for a triathlon back in 2007.

Me at the finish line of the 2007 Hy-Vee Triathlon

We trained together and ended up doing 2 triathlons that year.  Of the three events in a triathlon, the cycling was the part I enjoyed (because swimming and running were NOT my favorite) the most.  Fast forward to moving to Georgia in 2010.  I found a job at a local cycling shop.  There, I was surrounded by people who had fitness on their minds.  It was easy to get into an active routine when everyone around me was also working to be active.  Not to mention that there were group bike rides multiple times a week.

ok, so this post is about pregnancy fitness….getting back to the point. When I found out I was pregnant I had every intention to continue my cycling routine, at least for the first part of my pregnancy.  Then, nausea hit me and didn’t go away for 14 weeks.  During this time I did walk most days, but even that wasn’t easy given how yucky I felt.  Then, when I started to feel better, cycling season was really starting to gear up….and I was having second thoughts about continuing my cycling.

On a group bike ride. Summer 2010

Not because I didn’t think I could handle it, but because of safety reasons.  Crashing at any speed didn’t seem like such a good idea. So, I kept walking, and have been doing that my entire pregnancy.  I have recently ramped up my walking (something my dogs appreciate) and try to get out at least once a day with them.  With temps reaching close to 100 degrees, walking early in the morning has been a necessity. Other than the occasional Yoga video and pool workout, walking has been the extent of my pregnancy exercise.  Of course I have grand plans of getting back into a routine after the baby is born….but we’ll save that post for another day!

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