Our 2 Cents: Baby Must Haves

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So, we did this post right after our babies were born, but a lot has changed in a few months.  I find that my list of ‘must haves’ is much different than it was in the very beginning. So…..here goes Baby must haves!


Still:  Swaddle blankets.  Large ones.  We still swaddle our big boy (see this post to learn our awesome swaddle method!)  At this point we’ve got to have blankets that are at least 42×42.  I actually went and bought some Aden and Anais from Target this week.  They are nice and big and will be GREAT for summer babies in Georgia (breathable!).  My only issue so far is that they are more…stretchy.  With a bigger (read: stronger) baby they don’t necessarily keep him in as well.  The point of the swaddle is to hold arms still so… that is my only issue.

BIBS.  Talk about a major drool machine here.

Somewhere to put them:  My daughter would lay on the floor and talk and scoot and roll.  He doesn’t roll very much OR scoot yet and will start fussing about 5 seconds from the time we walk where he can’t see us.  SO – just like having a bouncer for a newborn I need my exersaucer for my bigger boy.  We also have a Bumbo seat, he’s not a big fan (maybe if it had a tray) and sometimes will hang out in his high chair in the kitchen.

Moby wrap!  I know I talked about my various carriers in our newborn must haves post.  I really did use them all!  But now I pretty much use the Moby wrap all the time.  It is comfortable and versatile and helps me out when the above “places to put him” just are not cutting it!

A sibling!  Okay maybe this isn’t a must have.  Little Prince thinks Princess is the best thing since breast milk.  He loves to watch her play!  He laughs and coo’s and kicks his feet when he is watching her.  He laughs at her like nothing else – even mom and dad (unless we are bouncing him in the air)!  So…something that moves and shakes and talks and laughs ALL THE TIME.  I guess that would be pretty fun to watch.


Lotion:  Eli has super dry skin and some possible skin allergies (we’re still trying to figure that out!) so lotion has been a major must have for keeping him moisturized.  The doctor recommended Triple Cream, and it has been working pretty well.  It is not cheap but I have been using Babies R Us coupons to get it at 20% off.

No Scratch Mittens: I’m not sure if it is because of the dry skin, or if it is just a habit, but Eli scratches himself All.the.time. (and then cries about it!) Sometimes when all the mittens are dirty, I just use socks, but prefer the mittens because they are roomier so he can move his fingers, but still tight around his wrists.

The right size diaper: We only use disposable diapers at night, but for a while he would have an ‘up the back’ blowout every night. Not fun to change the diaper, sleeper and swaddling blanket at 2:30am, not to mention all the extra laundry!  After telling Maggie about the issue she said ‘ummm, yeah.  His diapers are too small’.  A definite Ah-ha moment for me.  I’m new at all this stuff! It never occurred to me that he needed to move up a size.  But we did, and no more blow-outs.  Thanks Maggie!

Entertainment…and Containment: So, since Eli does not have a sibling, I need to keep him entertained….and try to get stuff done around the house at the same time.  I still use the bouncer frequently, but he gets bored with it pretty quickly these days.  Now we also use a Jumparoo, a swing, a play gym, and a Bumbo seat.  The Jumparoo and play gym have become recent favorites as he is mastering the skill of grabbing things with his hands.  When he is more mobile the Jumparoo will be very handy in containing the little guy.

The playgym keeping Eli entertained


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