Operation Organize: My Fridge

Wednesday , 8, February 2012 1 Comment

I always WANT to be more organized.  It’s maintaining the organization that is the problem.  When my in-laws were here I got distracted one night making dinner and re-organized the Tupperware cupboard.  It didn’t take that long.  Then I pointed at my husband and said, “You.  These are here and here. And the lids are here.”  And it would be nice to blame the re-disorganization of the Tupperware cupboard on my husband – but I know that’s not right.  At least not entirely. Three years ago I could have also blamed it on my one year old.

A couple of my favorite organization books make similar points.  They say work with what you are already doing.  The example being: if you know you’ll never hang your keys up on a peg, but you throw them on the same general spot on the counter – most of the time – place a small basket on the counter to catch your keys!

I haven’t been all that organized since baby#2 and some other changes appeared on the horizon.  And maybe you are, like me, tired of hearing that something couldn’t be found in the fridge.  Especially when you know that person put it in there.   So I was staring at my fridge and had a brilliant idea involving a dry erase marker.  So I pulled out ALL the leftovers “Oh my goodness what was that?  Even I didn’t know that was in there!”  and, well, organized!

I worked with what I already did.  Eggs on the top, cheese on the second shelf.  Then I worked with my “vision” for the fridge – I wanted my daughter to be able to find snacks, so I put them at her level.

Right, so this isn't that bad...but I still didn't know half what was there


Fridge after organization AND grocery shopping

The key to this organization is the Dry Erase Marker.  It labels each of my shelves/drawers (so others will know – generally -where something a)can be found and b)should be put back. It is easy to touch up.  Easy to change.

I also used it to start labeling the outside of my Tupperware.  No more mystery meat.  And throw a date on for good measure, so you know when to toss!

Dry Erase Marker.  My fridge organizing friend.

Do you have an awesome organizing tool?

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