Operation Organize My Deep Freezer

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Last week, one of the projects on my to do list was to organize my deep freezer.  I was dreading this task because I thought it would take a long time and I had no idea what I was actually going to do to organize my freezer.  I wanted to come up with a system that would allow me to access all of the items in my freezer and keep them organized for future use.  I looked for some inspiration online but didn’t find anything that fit the bill.  Lots of folks suggest using different sized cardboard boxes to keep categories of food separate. I didn’t like the thought of soggy cardboard in my freezer.  I read lots of reviews about how plastic bins get brittle in the freezer, so that was out as well.  I finally ran across a suggestion to use bags of some sort, and I thought that the reusable grocery bags would work well for this task. (and at 99 cents a piece, a cheap fix!)

My freezer after--Much better! (still needs to be defrosted)

I am really happy with the result!  It only took me about 20 minutes to organize everything.  I ended up using 4 bags and divided my freezer into these categories:


Veggies and Fruits

Sweet Treats

Frozen Pizza (and similar items, like pizza rolls, french fries, etc.)

There were a few items that were too big to fit in the bags, like the pork butt you see in the basket, but because the rest of the freezer is under control, I can handle a few items that are not in the bags.

My freezer is not too full right now so the four bags fit on the bottom level of the freezer.  In the future, when I have more items in the freezer, I don’t think it will hurt to stack the bags on top of each other.  I have also thought about making tags to put on the bags so we (ahem, my husband) know what is in each one.

As goofy as it sounds, I feel so accomplished every time I open my freezer!  I wish I had done this project years ago.

Next–I might have to call on Maggie’s refrigerator organization expertise!

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