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Wednesday , 16, October 2013 1 Comment

   If you remember from this post here several months back before we were pregnant, I was daydreaming of a circus nursery. However, by the time we found out we were pregnant with baby boy #2 (you can see posts about that here, here, and here), the circus theme had kind of lost its appeal to me. I just wasn’t excited about it any more, which might have been mostly because it was just daydreaming and now baby #2 was a reality. We tossed around the idea of just reusing the Goober’s nursery decor again, but while we had set it up in his room already, it didn’t really fit the space anymore, since it had been planned and used originally in our house in Charlotte, which had a very different room layout. I also felt kind of bad about this little one not getting the same thought and attention put into his sleeping space that the Goober got when I was pregnant and the hubster and I were designing his room. So cue the brainstorming and the Pinterest-researching.

After a bit of ruminating, I stumbled upon a puzzle that my amazing husband had bought for me for Christmas that had promptly gotten put into a box during our move and forgotten. It was a Doctor Who puzzle and it sparked the idea that we should do a Doctor Who/Space themed nursery and suddenly I was excited about nursery planning again. If you have no clue who I’m talking about when I say Doctor Who, then here’s the wikipedia link so you can caught up. The BBC restarted the 1960’s television show a few years ago and Netflix has all the seasons, including the classics (though I must confess, I have only watched the new series and not the original). I’m well aware a vast majority are probably rolling your eyes at how geeky my husband and I are right now.  We made a lot of the art for the Goober’s nursery and I’ve already gotten started on a few projects for the new munchkin’s space. I can’t wait to share the finished product, but for now you will have to make do with some BEFORE pictures, idea boards for wall art, and a few (terrible) sketches of how I’m envisioning the space.


CWallArtDrWho copy

Nursery Room Art Inspiration

DrWhoNurserySketches copy

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